Kobe Bryant -A fanatic fan

Subject: Kobe Bryant -A fanatic fan
From: Nikhil Deep Rai
Date: 15 Apr 2016
Kobe Bryant

Dear Kobe,
So its time.Mamba's out now.The basketball journey has ended. Man,Are we gonna miss you!

Well!Where do i start .20 years of greatness.It may sound extremely weird but i always felt this imaginary connection with you. The imagination that i loved to bask upon as to how could i have possible shared birthday's with you ,yes 23rd of August.You were my fav and so you became my childhood hero and it carries on.

I loved everything about you .your swag, your attitude ,you confidence ,your attention to details, your demands and expectations from youself ,your team mates and your opponents.Your hardwork and your work ethic .The out of this world ability to push yourself ,your drive ,your dominance . I can go on for days till my fingers bleed.Well to sum it up for the overall "Mamba Mentality".

I see people following many celebs but i have in my 25 yrs of existence was interested in only one ,that be you.I am a fixated fan .Yeah! Thats what i am. I want to have all the qualities that makes "Kobe" Kobe.I wanna have the same mentality ,the same deemener ,the same attitude .And i am trying .All this coming from a person who lives in a place you probably haven't even heard of "Darjeeling".Do you know where it is?

You have always motivated me sir.When i am at the down of my life i take refuge in you.You pick me up every time all the time.I am a fan well thats what fans are supposed to do i guess.

Thank you Kobe for everything.The unbelievable games,championships,the ridiculous dunks and shots,the motivation,the greatness .We are all witness .Most importantly thank you for being you "No gimmicks" .For backing up your mouth through your action.For making us look up to you .

All the best Kobe for your life ahead .I know you will keep motivating us .You have earned everything .The world is yours.
Well while i sulk over this sinking feeling in my heart over you retiring i just want to Thank you once again.I am born in a blessed generation to have been a witness to you.

Farewell Kobe .
Nothing but Love and Respect.

Nikhil D Rai.