Kevin Durant

Subject: Kevin Durant
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Dear Kevin Durant

Congratulations, you have made the weakest move by any NBA allstar ever. During free agency you decided to sign with the Golden State Warriors. You decided to choose Oakland over Boston and many other teams just throwing their money at you. Not only was this the team that smacked you upside your oddly shaped head but this is a team that went 73-9 that's the best record any team has ever had in NBA history! They didn’t even need you, how did they even have the money to afford your contract?! You could have stayed in Oklahoma and won a ring, don’t even act like the Thunder wasn’t a title contending team. Yeah the thunder traded your starting power forward but you got a young promising shooting guard (Victor Oladipo) in return. You had Steven Adams, Enes Kanter, Russell Westbrook, and Victor Oladipo! “The Oklahoma City Thunder 2016-2017 NBA Champions” could've been a reality but you screwed the thunder and you especially screwed over Russell Westbrook. I don’t care if you win a ring with the warriors it won’t mean anything, I don’t even see why people are comparing this move to LeBron’s move to Miami. Miami hadn't won a ring in 5 years, LeBron and Chris Bosh signed for the Heat, they teamed up with Dwyane Wade and they won two rings in four years. The Warriors won a ring the year prior, went 73-9, and beat your team even after they were down 3 games to 1 in the western conference finals. So after they embarrass you and make you look foolish you don’t want revenge? YOU JOIN THEM!? You just broke the NBA by going to Oakland, it's not “Who’s going to make the finals this year?” anymore it's “Who’s going to try to stop Golden State from winning another ring” you clearly don’t care about that fans. Especially your fans in Oklahoma, they have been nothing but loyal to you since the supersonics moved to Oklahoma and rebranded themselves as the “Thunder” in ‘08. You should apologize for not being able to bring them a ring when you damn well that you could have done so. I really don’t know why you decided to give up your legacy for a ring but hey, do you.

From a former fan: