judiciary committee

Subject: judiciary committee
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 22 Sep 2018

What is the rush to the supreme court seat to fill a couple of weeks or three isn't bad. It should be a real investigation of Brett Kavanaugh of possible sexual assault of christy Blassey Ford speak to witnesses former school friends etc don't just sweep it unde the rug like this incedent perhaps didn't where you have guy seating on the supreme court seat for years. You're nominating a guy that might have committed more alleged crimes so before you nominate kavanaugh a investigation should be presented as well give Mrs. Ford a chance to present the full story without attacking her . This investigation should be presented before both Kavanaugh &Mrs. Ford present their side of the story of the alleged incident to the committee as well to voters.Mrs. ford should be protected from others to present her story without getting harass from angry people as well getting attack by republicans men that make up the committee. Thank you!