It didn't go the way I wanted it....

Subject: It didn't go the way I wanted it....
Date: 8 Jul 2016

“It didn’t go the way I wanted it, it went a better way”
In my 18 years of living I tried to precisely plan out every step I took.
In my 18 years of living none of the steps I have planned out have gone the direction I wanted it.
It went the way God wanted it.

I use to believe I was the one in control
Until everything around me fell apart continuously
Until I found mysterious courage I didn't know existed within me
Until I spent various long nights feeling helpless because this wasn't what I had mapped out
I use to think I was in control until I ended up places that I never wanted or planned to be
Until I was diagnosed with multiple mental health problems
Until I realized that I have so much hope for myself and no idea where it’s coming from
Until I somehow managed to graduated high school
Until I only applied for one college, and couldn't figure out why I wasn’t considering any others
Until the moment my scores came back last minute, scoring just high enough to receive an acceptance letter from Harding.
It was that exact moment that I realized that this whole time
It was all Him.
He is taking me better places.
And has been for the past 18 years
I no longer battle for control over the course of my life.