This isn't your life you're messing with, An Open Letter to Teresa May,

Subject: This isn't your life you're messing with, An Open Letter to Teresa May,
From: Rhiann Ainsworth
Date: 11 Aug 2017

Dear Teresa May,

I'm Writing this open letter because at this point im deeply disgusted. In the past week i have experienced both of my elderly grandparents wait collectively 14 hours for medical treatment.

On Monday my 86 year old Grandfather waited 12 hours for an ambulance to take him to hospital, And today my 87 year old Grandmother waited 2 hours for her SCHEDULED doctors appointment.

From your cuts to the NHS it caused the backlash of two people in their late 80's be unable to get the medical attention they needed and so so much more.

Firstly, on the Monday we waited with my grandfather until 4 in the morning when the ambulance finally turned up. The staff of the NHS i cannot fault, they re overworked and underpaid. Upon Arriving the ambulance staff apologized multiple times but they explained they had been rushed off their feet all night due to there not being enough paramedics because they've lost their jobs, BECAUSE you cut funding to the NHS.

Secondly, Today my Grandmother went to her pre scheduled appointment, for something a visiting doctor for my grandfather had told her to make an appointment for, and was waiting 2 hours on top of the time of her appointment only to be told there was a lot of emergency appointments. 2 hours in a waiting room, its unfair, but again its due to there not being enough doctors, BECAUSE you cut funding to the NHS.

Thirdly, I personally have been waiting 6 months for a doctors appointment only to be told there is none, this is calling twice a day for 6 months, There aren't enough doctors, There isn't enough funding, i could keep going on,

But this wont affect you will it Teresa?
You dont have to spend the time waiting do you?
You dont have the queues, or the heartbreak of being told that no you cant have an appointment, because well there aren't enough doctors.
You're not the one waiting up till 4 in the morning to make sure your grandfather gets off ok in an ambulance because you dont want to leave him until it shows up.
You aren't having to wait because you can afford private healthcare.
Unlike the rest of us, you have it easy,
Stop messing with other peoples lives, It isnt fair that people are being treated in this way whilst you continue to cut funding to the thing most british people rely on.

Yours, Rhiann Ainsworth