Investigator Bruce Gorcyca insists honest FBI Division 5 agent Vo "Ben" Tran was framed to silence him about the Chinagate scandal. Tran has already spent 11 years behind bars proving that politics trumps justice - again.

Subject: Investigator Bruce Gorcyca insists honest FBI Division 5 agent Vo "Ben" Tran was framed to silence him about the Chinagate scandal. Tran has already spent 11 years behind bars proving that politics trumps justice - again.
From: Fed Up With FBI dirty tricks & Government Censorship
Date: 13 Dec 2019

Vo Tran an elite member of the FBI's secret Division 5 Special Operations Group for 11 years was praised by both Senators John Glenn and Fred Thompson for his meticulous work investigating the Chinagate scandal for the U.S. Senate.

It has been since labeled "the biggest government scandal in U.S. history" and is summarized here at Wikipedia in the most objective and factual way to date.

What surfaced revealed that at least $8 million dollars from China sources linked to the Chinese government, found its way into DNC coffers. Not long afterwards Clinton gifted America's "super chip" to the Chinese as an ostensible gesture of goodwill to assist their space program. The very same chip soon found it's way into multiple Chinese PLA weapon systems, spy satellites, and encryption devices, greatly eroding the technological advantage the U.S. military held for years.

The three links below debate other details of the scandal that eventually became public.

But what the public and Senate was never told, is what agent Vo Ben Tran discovered hidden buried under layers of FISA and NSA security orders forbidding him to disclose his findings to even members of Congress. To share his findings and related evidence would earn him a 10 year prison sentence.

Unfortunately, Tran is an ethical man conscience and he could not sleep knowing that the FBI and DoJ were only allowing the tip of the iceberg to be seen by the U.S. Senate. He would find a way to leak the full story to the the Washington Post. But the FBI had bugged both his home and his car, and decided that agent Tran must not be allowed to spill the beans. Despite 11 years of loyal service to the FBI with "excellent" service reviews from his D5 boss Neil Gallagher, he would have to be silenced and discredited.

Meanwhile, the NGO Judicial Watch based in Washington was not satisfied with the FBI's white-wash report of the embarrassing and dangerous breach of U.S. security and launched their own investigation. Essentially, they picked up the same trail that Agent Vo Tran had uncovered, and this is just some of what they found...

Back at the FBI, the dirty tricks team hatched a clever scheme to involve Tran in a "undercover sting" that would make use of his own personal gun collection that was both registered and 100% legal. But the real sting would be on Tran when a secret payment of $500,000 would be paid to a convicted felon informant to commit perjury and accuse Tran of being the master mind of a home invasion ring. Meanwhile, Tran's supervisors were telling him to infiltrate the very same ring the FBI created! In essence, Tran was set-up to be framed in a serious crime that would negate any chance of leaking the true Chinagate operation with the full credibility of a veteran FBI agents. As a convicted felon, not many people would believe anything he would have to say.

The scheme worked flawlessly and Tran was speechless when he was arrested by his former FBI colleagues in 2009. In the end he was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison, based only on the testimony of Trung "Alex" Dao, a Vietnamese con artists and organized crime figure recruited by the FBI take down Tran. But now the truth is beginning to surface and even Judge Linda T. Walker found Tran to be "more credible" than his FBI accusers caught in many "inconsistencies".

But still, Vo Tran still languishes in prison today because exposing FBI corruption, is taboo in the U.S. criminal justice system in an unwritten code of honor between judges, prosecutors, and the Attorney General of the DoJ. The White Bulger, John Salvatti, and Frederic Whitehurst cases, are the exception, not the rule. Those FBI corruption cases fell into the public spotlight, whereas the Vo Tran case remains in the shadows to protect those still residing in their ivory towers.

Perhaps this is just yet another reason Bruce Gorcyca's book manuscripts were seized by the FBI at gunpoint? After spending 10 years in China working as a corporate trainer of Chinese government officials, and interviewing Tran, maybe the whole truth of Chinagate may come out after all.

Just like Alice in Wonderland, what we see play out in the thousands of courtrooms across America every day, often is far removed from factual reality, and turns out to be something sinister and shameful. Nobody can produce a scripted scheme better than Uncle Sam, especially when the alternative is public disclosure of their most evil and corrupt skeletons hiding in the closet. Vo Tran deserves justice.