An important message for my bestest buddy Vince DiMarco from Appa... (Message No. 1)

Subject: An important message for my bestest buddy Vince DiMarco from Appa... (Message No. 1)
From: Your very worried and sad father...
Date: 23 Feb 2020

My dear son Vincent,

I apologize for having to communicate with you publicly like this, but as you know, someone has blocked your email and skype account and I just realized the telephone number your mother gave me for your mobile phone is not actually yours and most probably belongs to your aunt. That explains mom's voicemail on your phone every time I was able to call.

Until we can establish some reliable and private and secure channel of communication,(preferably on Signal which is encrypted end to end), please check this website for messages and I will try to get a friend of mine in Toronto to deliver you copies of things you need to see buddy. Once we have a connection, I will delete this and any other message I have to send publicly here and on or reddit at r/message_center.

Vince there are so many things you need to hear from my mouth directly to your ears, and the things your mom claims you said about not wanting to see or speak with me again, I need to hear from your mouth directly because I don't know what would make you say such a thing. Did I ever do or say something to hurt or anger you Vince? The last time we spoke, you told me that you loved me and wanted me to come home. I tried to do exactly that last Christmas but mom stopped me. Maybe she has a good reason, but she surely did not share it with me... yet. I sent you a copy of my Grayhound bus ticket for Christmas Eve. Did you receive it?

Three years ago your mom admitted to me that there were many things she did not tell you because she thought you "were too young to understand, and might be scared". At first I agreed, but I think at age 20, you are already an intelligent young man (you were always a bright kid Vince even at age 5 you mastered Windows XP and even figured out how to tweak our computer, defrag the hard drive, and remove viruses). I was so worried you'd grow up to become a geek like Sheldon.

First, it is important that you know that I have never lied to you about anything other than Santa Claus. I love you unconditionally and I would die for you, Dylan, Mom, and even Grandma. Nobody in this world is more important to me than my family, and you probably remember me asking you every day since you first learned to talk "What's the most important thing in this world?" and you would always have the right answer "Our Family". Vince my son, I am so very very proud of you and from the day you were born, you brought me only joy, and lots of fun, not to mention free entertainment. I always felt so lucky to be your father. You are the best kid any father could hope to have.

My very best times in life were all the fun times we shared together swimming, camping,wrestling and coaching your football and baseball teams. Of course I will never forget when you caught that ninth inning fly ball with 2 outs and bases loaded when our Indians won the semi-finals 3-2. You saved us from defeat and we went to play in the championship. I also remember our nightly walk and talks around the neighborhood and all the curious questions you always had for me. Yeah, I even remember when you slid for home plate and came up a foot short. Buddy, thank you for so many good laughs and all those hugs and kisses that truly made me know I was loved.

Vince, long before you were born I unfortunately worked for the government and witnessed extreme corruption. Regretfully, I became a "whistleblower". I was young and single and idealistic when I made my reports against corrupt IRS and FBI agents. I mailed you 13 letters over the last 5 months to our home on Kedleston with the details, but I now wonder if they have ever reached your hands. As I told you on the phone when we last spoke 3 years ago, I sent you over 400 emails while I was in China and sent Mom a few hundred as well. Both of you told me you did not receive the messages. In 2018 and 2019 I gave reps from the U.S. embassy in Beijing (Travis & Erin over 200 pages of letters to deliver to you MP Alghabra, Judge Weinstein and others. Did you ever receive them? If not, call Erin Thurber at the Beijing, Embassy and demand that they send you the mail I gave them for you, mom, MP Alghabra.

The truth is that we moved to Canada from the U.S. because people had tried to kill me in Miami (before I even met mom) and then seven years later when I thought the danger had passed, threatened to kill mom while you were in her belly. We moved from our island home in Florida to your grandmother's house in Ohio, thinking we would be left alone there. We weren't. Then another witness to the some of same crimes I witnessed involving Dick Cheney (related to Enron an old oil company) was murdered, while he was under FBI protection as an informant. The details are here:

At that point your mom and I were both scared for our lives and went to Canada to be with your grandma and grandpa in the suburbs of Toronto. Again,we thought we were safe there, but we were not and the RCMP provided protection for our family. Later, friends of mine and mom's from Florida were also killed since they were also witnesses of the Enron crime. See This whole time mom and I made sure not to even talk about this stuff in front of you, even when I was getting threats from both the FBI (to cooperate or become a defendant in a fake crime) and the bad guys who paid an unwanted visit to our home. You were only a year old buddy.

The crooked FBI agents pressured Immigratin Canada to detain me for 10.5 months even though I did not violate any immigration law (and they later admitted this). But this was the American way to pressure me into cooperating with them, and they even admitted it. I sent corrupt FBI Agent Greg Coleman to hell and got help from a super honest judge - Chief Justice Patrick LeSage who made Immigration Canada release me in an emergency hearing.

But the FBI was vindictive and launched a fabricated extradition against me that you can read about in Canadian Supreme Court file No. 31903 that was heard in 2007, but was later censored by PM Harper in 2012 to remove the tapes and reports of Private Investigator Ed Reiken. You can read his great report at the law society complaint against Solicitor William Gilmour below.

Vince, as I raised you with mom, I was fighting a fake extradition for 7 years that ate up about 80% of my savings, Fortunately I bought that house for us at a government auction, and bought mom the AUDI before the legal problems came along. No buddy, your father is not a criminal. I had my own business for 6 years and previously did well as a yacht sales manager and marketing director for a Fortune 500 company, a subsidiary of United Technologies which was once the 7th largest company in America. Read everything you find on the USB I sent to you at the music school and listen to the recordings.

If you have any doubts at all go visit MP Omar Alghabra or Paul Szabo the former MP, who both tried to help me. But one of my three lawyers (Solicitor William Gilmour) was bribed by one of the corrupt FBI agents (Nelson and Coleman were the two assigned to discredit me) If not for you making me laugh every day, this would have been a very dark time in my life for me. Thanks you for all the love and smiles you provided those first 8 years Vince. I will cherish them - and you always. You kept my fighting spirit alive. If not for my family, I probably would have given up long ago. You guys are always worth fighting for.

Vince, please don't believe the ideals they taught you in high school. Life is not fair and you must make your own opportunities. The harder you work, the luckier you will get! In reality, only the very rich get justice and the rest of us get used and screwed - IF you let them. Mom and I lost our house in Ohio because of the corrupt Gilmour lawyer and judge. He openly committed perjury and the judge let him get away with it. This was the same lawyer who told Justice Rosenberg that he "misplaced" my best evidence (a video and audio tape) and this very same lawyer who himself was arrested for child abuse while my fabricated extradition case was going on in Toronto. See here: Here's the law society complaint I filed against this jerk who started extorting mom after I was sent back to America. For details see: Your poor mom went through hell because of my legal problems Vince. It tore me up inside just to see a single tear on her cheek. She never even got a parking ticket buddy. My goal now is to live long enough to avenge the suffering she endured because of me.

This may all sound complicated to you and it is, or was. Thank God, two very old and honest judges in Brooklyn would not play along with the evil corruption. The FBI and prosecutors played a lot of dirty tricks on me to force me to plead guilty - but I refused and finally all the fake charges were dismissed. - TWICE. Yes, they charged me with the same fake charges twice. Since they failed to kill me they were desperate to discredit me.

So anyway, on this last Christmas Eve, I tried to keep my promise to you to come home and bring Dylan the "Electric Rainbow" he wanted for Christmas. (I still have it - a JBL Pulse 3 wireless speaker to play all of his favorite songs). But at the last minute when I was on a Grayhound Bus at the border, your mom told me not to come and refused to say why. Maybe after 20 years of marriage, (18 of which were stressful because of my legal problems), she found another guy to take my place? Maybe she got more threats like she did in 2008/2009 when someone shot up our house and car. (Right after I got to China) I really don't know. But she deserves to be happy and have problem-free life Vince - so do you,and even I should have that same right.

I tried my best to keep my promise to come home to you. I told the border guard I was coming home to my family, but I guess he didn't believe and tried to call mom to verify this. Mom would not answer the phone for 5 hours that I waited at the border, and she ignored my voicemail messages that I left for her. That's when I tried calling "your" number, or at least the one mom told me was yours. Nobody picked up but I got a voicemail that was in mom's voice.

I want you to know Vince that in all the years mom and I were married, we never had a physical fight, and we never cheated on one another. There was no alcoholism or drugs in our lives. You were created out of pure love, and if you read chapter 33 of my book here you will see that we were destined to be together. I adored your mother Vince, and never in my life would I ever deliberately do anything to hurt her, and I'd probably kill anyone that did.

But people are not like newspapers, or trash bags, that you read or use and then throw away Vince, especially when they are your family. For 20 years, I never once turned my back on your mom, and whenever she asked me for something, I never once said "no". Even during our toughest times, she never once asked for a divorce.

Buddy you told me you were not the one who blocked your email and skype accounts, and of course I believe you. I will always believe my own flesh and blood. I sincerely hope it was the government goons and not your mom or aunt who was responsible for that dirty trick. As I told you before, someone at the music school signed the DHL delivery for the Samsung smart watch I sent you as your birthday present in 2017 and the same for the IPhone I sent you as a graduation gift.

Btw... When I went to China Vince, it was only supposed to be for 3-6 months (MP Alghabra and Solicitor Marshal Drukarsh can confirm this for you. None of had any idea that the U.S. government was going to put me on the "NO FLY LIST" until my passport expired in August of 2009. Then the embassy in Beijing simply refused to renew my passport - trapping me in China. I tried coming back home to Canada through Mongolia and Vietnam but I was cheated after being asked for money. I also tried to send myself home in a wooden crate, sneaking aboard a Japanese freighter ship but got caught, and almost drowned swimming to shore, and the FEDEX manager charged me 50,000 yuan not to call the police. I did my very best to come home buddy. In 2016 I found another way, but your mom said if I did not come home legally she would divorce me. She promised me that she would bring me home legally with MP Alghabra and I gave her the phone number for Elias. But for the next six months I did not hear from mom, and Elias told me that he never heard from her. Maybe there is some explanation that makes sense, at least I hope so.

Vince, if you know what is going on with mom, please tell me. No matter what happened I will never be angry with you, unless you lie to me. Right now we should be fishing together, playing mini-golf or racing go-karts like we used to do every weekend. Although I am healthy, I can never be happy again until I am able to hug you and Dylan again. As for what I was doing in China you can visit and also read

Do not worry about me buddy. I am a military veteran and will never give up trying to do what is right. I am a survivor and will not die until I can deliver something I have been waiting 10 years to give to you. It is something my father gave me, and my grandfather gave to him. If anything does happen to me, don't believe anyone who says I committed suicide. Or if they claim I had a heart attack, search online "murder by heart attack sux". I will keep my promise to come home, or die trying. My home will be wherever you and Dylan are, even if mom gets remarried.

Please explain this strange and frustrating situation to Hominy and give her a big hug for me and remind her that I love and miss her as much as you,mom, and Dylan. Be sure to help her with her garden buddy.

Your mom sold my stock for your first two years of university tuition and I had saved $75,000 to cover the balance, but I asked mom to come pick it up in Beijing in 2016 & 2017 since I could not wire transfer the money without a valid passport, and none of my Chinese friends were willing to risk being investigated for sending money out of China - especially to a foreigner.

Because I was both cheated and kidnapped in China before being forcibly returned to the U.S. without being allowed to collect my money nor clothes, I cannot yet afford another trip to Canada to collect my car and clothes. Please hold them for me, since even if mom doesn't want me anymore, I always want to be your dad, and unless you tell me otherwise, I will die trying to be the same father I was for you as a child. I still need to get that coffee cup you made for me. I hope your memories are as good as mine. Hopefully we can still make a lot more together. I miss you super heavy duty big much (you used to tell me that every time we spoke on the phone as a kid for years. Now its my turn to tell you the very same thing.

Sarong hom ni da - Always and Forever - Appa xxxoooxxx

P.S. I was just looking at some old photographs of us together and I had a few more smiles and memories of your annual lucky streak at the CNE. In 8 years you never failed to win the huge prize playing those carnival games! How did you do that buddy? When we meet again, I'm going to teach you how to play blackjack and then take you to Vegas for a weekend! But first we have to take Dylan to Disney World agreed? He may be autistic, but he is still our family and he loves us. We must give him twice as much love in return and always make him feel secure, safe, wanted and loved. Stay tuned for my next message as I await contact from you.