illegal marijuana is a joke

Subject: illegal marijuana is a joke
From: michael mesh
Date: 7 Mar 2018

hi, my name is Michael mesh and in my English class I had to read the book The Crucible. The Crucible is about witchcraft and how crazy people went about it. I was supposed to relate a real world witch hunt, and I chose marijuana.
U.S. new, on December,14 2017
the government shut down 26 legal marijuana dispesaries and made arrests. Also the jama network has facts that proves marijuana is beneficial.
I personally feel marijuana is not a drug and is perfectly fine. I also think marijuana can change lives. I fell its medicinal values can be very important for certain people.
The government is arresting people who are providing medicine for people. While they are ruining peoples lives in jail, they are also taking peoples medicine away. Marijuana is a plant that is proven harmless and actually beneficial. there is no reason marijuana should be illegal you can't overdose off of it like you can with alcohol, and you can't get cancer from it like you can with cigarettes but yet both of those things are legal.I think marijuana being illegal and the government taking it from people is ridiculous. there is no reason it should be illegal
if something that is proven beneficial, medicinal, and natural is illegal and things that can harm you like cigarettes and alcohol are influenced I think peoples lives being ruined because of marijuana is absurd. the witch hunt for witchcraft took lives and people getting arrested for a beneficial medicine is just as insane.

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