If You're Mad at Zayn Malik (Or you are Zayn Malik)

Subject: If You're Mad at Zayn Malik (Or you are Zayn Malik)
From: A Fan, whom loves Zayn to death, even after leaving (on Twitter, @DirectionerRapp)
Date: 3 Aug 2015

Whoever is reading this, please read both parts of the letter. They are equally important.

Dear Anyone Angry with Zayn,

First of all, why all the controversy? He did what he wanted. If you were true fans, you'd be happy for him, but for some reason your angry. Why again? For leaving the band? For working with Naughty Boy? For getting a Record Deal? Let's break this down shall we...

He did what he felt right. He decided to leave the band. He may have wanted something different or maybe tired of all the hate or I don't know his reasons, but whatever they are, they deserve some respect. I'm pretty sure he didn't just wake up one day and say, I'm leaving the band. He probably put a lot of thought into his reasons for leaving. The pros, the cons, what the guys would think, and what'd we'd think. So what now? You gonna hate the guy for leaving! That's like saying you'll hate your best friend for getting a better grade than you. You have no right to hate him so back off.

As for Naughty Boy? Again, he had his reasons. Maybe Naughty Boy was a friend before. Maybe NB made the type of music Zayn was in to making at the time. Again, I can't read Zayn's mind so I don't know. I do know you also have no right to hate him for it. Sure Zayn and Louis were fighting but that's what brother's do. They fight. They make up. Easy as that. Leave Zayn alone unless it's about something good.

Now the record deal. He wanted to continue singing. He decided to do it solo though. Why are you gonna be mad? Because he didn't join the guys again? You do realize he auditioned SOLO. They all did (Liam did twice). They all originally wanted to be solo. Why are you gonna hate on the guy for going back on the dream he had at 16. Being solo isn't all that bad. You have no right to hate him. Like, seriously.

All I am trying to say is we shouldn't hate Zayn because of these things. He has his reasons. Isn't that enough? You love the guy from the beginning and then you go and hate him because he's doing what he wants? That's soooooo logical (sarcasm intended). Come on guys, grow some balls!

Dear Zayn,

I want to start of with apologizing for these so-called "fans". They really have no right. Now, I bet you're wondering, "Weren't you at least a little angry?" My answer is simple. No.

Sad, depressed, glad, but not angry. Now, glad seems out of place right. Don't worry, I love you to death so I wasn't happy you weren't in the band. I literally cried all afternoon, then made cookies to help the pain. Anyways back on topic. I was glad because you did what you wanted, despite the hate you'd get. Despite the betrayal these "fans" who you owe nothing to, may feel. I'm just glad you didn't disappear into oblivion.

Now, as for the record deal, congratulations. I can't wait to beg my parents to buy it for me, as well as the new 1D album. I also want to say (even if you aren't married yet, I honestly don't know XD) Congratulations for you and Perrie. I love her and the rest of her band. I also want to see some Zerrie babies soon XD lol, but seriously, they'd be soooooo cute!

I also want to say one thing. You may have a record deal, but if anything doesn't work out ... I'm pretty sure "my boys" and us Directioners would welcome you back with open arms. We love you Zayn!