I wish you to live forever

Subject: I wish you to live forever
From: Scot Rossillo
Date: 20 Dec 2018

“I Wish You to Live Forever”

On December 11, 2018
on the corner of Ave. Y and West 2nd Street
in Gravesend, Brooklyn, NY,11223
at approx 8 am

In my opinion, you performed, by far, the most reckless and cowardice act any human can do to another.
You stole from teenage-twin-boys, their only parent. Their rock. Their everything in life. All the family and friends
who will never hear that laugh again. That laugh we know and love, and how she smiled no matter how bad life was to her.

That angel's name is Francine LaBarbara. You mauled her with your vehicle to the degree, that one witness said, at first he
thought it was a garbage bag in the street. Then he saw her beautiful hand and hair.
Without even looking back, you fled like the coward you are.
You had the One chance to perform the bravest act you might have done in your life.
You could have stayed with the biggest hearted human life, you never had the pleasure of knowing.
I do feel bad for you, because everyone who knows her and there are plenty,
knows she would have stayed with you even for the last seconds of life. No matter the price.
Even knowing she would have to pay dearly for it. If she did this to you, she would have given you dignity.
She would have held your hand the way you should have done. She would have prayed for you.
She would have given you what you robbed of her at that moment.
It was to not be alone during the celestial moment of passing, from this world into the next.
Without any doubt I know she forgives you.
Why.. is beyond my understanding, but knowing her as well as I do, she is not the kind of person who holds such grudges, or hate.
She knows full well the price for negative emotions, having survived so much as she did in her life.
Being able to finally start being her true self...and then you ran her down, no better then a street cat or dog.
I believe that you would have stopped for that cat or dog, but not for the human life you gave no consideration to.

Susan Leibowitz
of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Age 55
5 ft 6 inches
125 lbs
Eyes- hazel
Hair color - grey

Why should you live in media anonymity? Francine LaBarbara’s face, and her childrens faces are splashed everywhere,
by the act of cowards, who protect you and your rights lol.

Where was Francine’s rights before and after you murdered her?
I won't even touch on those rights, as you already know them.
I hope anyone and everyone shares this, to let you know what you did, Was Not Anonymous.
Your friends, family, anyone and everyone you ever came into contact with, will know what a terrible soul you are.
So, I do hope you live forever. You will never be able to get that image out of your head, no matter how many substances you reach for.
I am not God. I don't forgive you.

Scot Rossillo - Voice for the Voiceless