I Have Something to Say to Mr. President Donald J. Trump

Subject: I Have Something to Say to Mr. President Donald J. Trump
From: Lisa aka Lre
Date: 17 Jul 2019

Yesterday I watched CNN after not watching the news for a couple of months. I have to take breaks away from those major cable news channels, but now I have something to say regarding Donald Trump and jerks like him.

I have to call out Trump’s misogynistic behavior. I don't know why anyone would ride with Donald Trump unless they are like him. Like attracts like, and there’s way too many people still standing by him out of fear. These people don't realize or they don’t care how disrespectful and dishonorable Trump has been behaving for most of his life. He’s not even trying to deceive people. He acts and speaks like an arrogant, egotistical, wealthy, racist, misogynist.

Donald Trump told us a while ago that he thinks it’s okay to grab women by the pu$$y. I would like to tell him that women don’t LET you do it Mr. President. Like Nike, you just do it. We don't want to be grabbed and groped all over. Truthfully, one of the main reasons we let you get away with it is because we don't want to deal with you and the other stupid people like you who will try to drag us through the mud if we diss and expose you. You're famous and you know more people. The threat is real. It’s not easy to stand up to these famous people, their sycophants, fans, and the public’s opinion, especially after you’ve been sexually harassed or raped by them. I know from personal experience. They fragment/splinter/shatter a person’s soul. If anyone has ever been sexually assaulted, violated, harassed, raped or molested you most likely will be able to understand where I'm coming from and how difficult it is to even come to grips that it even happened.

Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Monica Lewinsky, and countless other women, including my mother, know all too well what I mean, and how people will try to make you out to be in the wrong just because you may have put yourself unknowingly in a position to be taken advantage of and these jerks think they can just have their way with you because you’re a beautiful, sexy woman with a nice body. I don’t recall a time when women were given the chance to agree to allowing men to grab us by the pu$$y, so again Donald Trump, we don’t “let” you do anything. You think you’re entitled because of your status, and you just can’t control that drunk monkey jumping around, screeching, chattering, and carrying on endlessly in your mind, which is why he tweets the way he does. Many famous and rich men know damn well they couldn't score with many of the beautiful women they get if they didn't have the fame, money, and power. Let me tell you, their conversation is usually lame and whack. They lack substance because they’re so focused on their fame and money.

In this audio with Trump speaking to Billy Bush, I can hear in his voice how he’s still disappointed that he “moved on her and failed”. He said he took her furniture shopping and still wasn’t able to “f!ck her”. I tell you, men who just want to f!ck and force themselves on people feel powerless.They're actually possessed so they start doing sex rituals to drain the energy from their victim's Muladhara (Root/Base) chakra. The younger their victim, and the more fearful or negative energy the person gives off during sex, the better it is for the violators to drain their victim's sacred sex energy. They have to do it by force and get enough of the person’s energy for the sex ritual to work for them. Sometimes they may not even be aware that they are in fact possessed by a demon, and doing a sadistic sex ritual.

I know about this all too well because my mother was raped during my conception. I was molested at a very young age by my stepfather who was a police officer, and then my family and I had to bear the humiliation, shame, and pain for something we didn’t do. I was raped several times, and I was even grabbed by the pu$$y once or twice in my life. As a matter of fact, one of the guys who violated me shares the same birthday with Donald Trump, and like Trump, he thought he had the right to bust into the bathroom, hem me up in the corner so he could grab me by the pu$$y and demand to know if I was giving “his pu$$y away”. Then, I remember an incident where this same guy had me hemmed up in the corner of a Living room, threatening to pour a 2-liter bottle of wine on me. Many men think they can do whatever they want to do. They will intentionally put a woman like me in uncomfortable positions for their ego's sake and then they act like I'm the one who's buggin'.

Like the time when I was house sitting for a friend and this guy who I definitely did not invite into the house, invaded my friend’s house and forced/coerced/raped me to have sex with him on the man’s bed because he hated the fact that I was “giving his pu$$y away”. I wonder what Trump and people like him think we should do when men like them do what they do to us? Should we be brave and subject ourselves to the backlash and consequences of exposing them? Should we be blamed by them and the other morons like them who think certain women deserve it and we should be fine with being sexually attacked and disrespected?

I know that deep inside, these men really feel out of control and powerless. They brag about being with certain women because they'll do anything for clout. They know they wouldn't be able to get away with half the sh!t if not for their clout, fame, and money. They may think it’s okay but it's NOT okay to demean, disrespect, sexually attack, coerce/date rape, and/or sexually harass women. Only a moron would speak in that manner to Billy Bush from Access Hollywood the way Trump spoke. Many men are like Donald Trump. They think scoring with a bunch of women makes them cool. It really doesn’t. It makes them look like stupid morons. And, this is also why there are all these different sexually transmitted diseases going around.

We need to continue to expose these nasty wolves in sheep’s clothing so they can be exposed and held accountable for the horrible things they do and say. And with all of this being said, I do believe forgiveness is a must. Not so much for them, but for yourself.