I chose the time.

Subject: I chose the time.
From: Sandeep Pant
Date: 30 Apr 2017

We miss our present for the future. We miss future if we dwell in past. Heart break, No for an answer, will let you know for tomorrow, and you are sure you missed the chance to prove your worth. We are feeling scared to approach, we want things to go easy on us.Yet it doesn't end up as we expect.
What we think should happen well never happens. We just luck our self out thinking about maybe this thought will never come true.
This negativity will run in us for we are humans and we are blessed with thoughts.Yet the reason we fail is because our thoughts don't reach our hopes.Either we give up soon in life or we try hard but fail because we neglect to change ourselves with time.
Time is crucial, cruel and time and again we cry that if we had enough time oh yes if we could go back in time and right our wrongs and make our lifes work out. But no that's not happening now so we got to believe in ourselves and then the time is right to start afresh.
Our dreams are big.But we don't work on it. We gather the courage but in no time it all gets drained. We get sick of failures and we curse our luck. I have faced this I can assure you that just don't give up because the time will pass just fine. Never keep the memories of regret but that you tried.
Keep trying keep calm keep time for yourself.
Thank you.

P.S I lost everything.And cursed my luck my decisions but day I changed myself I have done quite ok so far.Because I chose the time to CHANGE.