To the husband who abandoned his family

Subject: To the husband who abandoned his family
From: The pregnant wife he left destitute
Date: 16 May 2021

What you did to us is beyond evil. What you did to me (YOUR wife), my unborn child, Wendi & Naomi is horrible. You LEFT without a word. You REMOVED OUR money out of the accounts. You LEFT us with NO MONEY, no means to buy food, to move, nothing. You are a true, evil, despicable person. It seems all that hate you have towards your mother, brothers, uncles, cousins consumed you to the point where you became the thing YOU despised. We had a house WAITING for us.You had everything and it still wasn't good enough. You LEFT with NONE OF YOUR THINGS. LOL. tbh You have nothing left. Your clothes and everything was left behind. You have less than what you had when you got with me. For what? You stole $2600 of our money and that's all you got. You have no car, no essentials, no shoes, extra clothes. You stole $2600 so hopefully that will get YOU back on your feet. You LOST your wife, any relationship with your child & everything you worked hard to accomplish. GONE MARCH 26, 2021.

I thought you died, I thought someone kidnapped you. I thought someone held you at gunpoint to remove the money. But no, you are weak and gave into your addiction. I've had multiple people (SOME YOU MAY KNOW) who explained what a binge addict was--- you fit the bill. Because only an addict leaves everything beyond & only worries about money.

I have made it known that you have been abusive to me, Wendi and Naomi. I've made sure the investigators know about your severe anger issues. I've also filled them in on your family as well. I thought you were going to come back & kill me in my sleep until I left that apartment. Or did you forget the night you almost strangled me when you were drunk beyond oblivion??

I have messaged your mother & let her know that I know what's up. They will be included in any lawsuit that I file against you. After I file for spousal & child support. I have all of this documented on social media---- so there is no point in trying to run anymore. EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT YOU DID. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT THE AUVERT'S ARE HARBORING YOU.

I loved you, I encouraged you. I built you up. I paid for almost everything the first several months we were together. I married you, I gave you my womb to carry our child--- and you left. You did not just leave--- you made sure to take ALL THE MONEY where I had nothing. How you can sleep at night knowing you abandoned your unborn child is beyond me. You are no different than the male family members you despised. JOSUE. I no longer call you by the old name because Josue fits you. Josue is who you are & who you'll always be.

You took for granted everything God blessed you with. And don't think you have the ability to come back. What you did to me and my babies is beyond reconcile. There's no "Oh, I want to come back now." There's no, "Were married, we made a vow." You abandoned your family months ago. I hope your family gives you everything you have ever dreamed of having. I hope you enjoy being back "home" even though you claim to have "hated living with your mother". But it's okay, you're not my problem anymore. You're not any of our problems anymore.

This is me saying goodbye. The next time you'll hear from me will be from lawyers serving you divorce papers.

You have a dark dark soul & I pray you find your way back to the light. I pray you repent & get your soul right before it's too late. You have hurt sooooo many people by your reckless and selfish decision. And more people will be caught in the crossfire bec of what you have done & your family's role in it.

I doubt you'll read this. And I don't care. I don't care what you think of this. I'm doing this to let you go. I'm making amends, forgiving & letting go. I know I did nothing wrong to deserve this and NEITHER DID OUR CHILD. Don't think you can waltz back in my child's life either. I have to do what I have to do in order to protect my child. And keeping them away from you and your family is the best thing for them. Whatever bitterness & darkness you guys have--- the truth is coming out. The truth will always outshine lies. Good will triumph evil. God will see that my baby & I are safe and well taken care of. God will also see that you reap what you sow.

You can lay your head down every night, but when you begin to close your eyes--- remember the wife you left. remember the fur babies you left. remember the child you left. You didn't just hurt me--- you hurt your child. You hurt Wendi & Naomi. And you're hurting yourself and those around you. Anyone that has helped you to remove our money from the account, those who harbored you, those who lied to me when I asked them if they heard from you--- every single one of you guys are legally liable for the harm you caused me and my child. And don't think for 1 second that I will not hold you or anyone else accountable for your abandonment, abuse & theft.

My child deserves better. I deserve better.

Good-bye Josue