Hud secretary Dr. Ben Carson & black conservatives

Subject: Hud secretary Dr. Ben Carson & black conservatives
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 3 Aug 2019

Dr. Ben Carson as a sucessful surgeon with a degree in medicine you're one ignorant mutha
F**** for consently being use to defend Donald Trump on his racism against minorities particular african american whether
he attacking congressmen Elijah Cummings John Lewis Maxine Walters and list of others african americans such as journalists reporters pundits sports athletes etc! When ever Trump makes comments he always has you out their defending his remarks to the public you're being use Carson perhaps or I'm sudden that Donald Trump attack when your back is turn just like his cabinet members in his adminstration .Carson you're not representing african american you're Trump 's black token doing whatever trump wants you to do shine his shoes wipe his a** etc you're scum as far as a HUD secretary raising rent on those that low income you're piece of s***!For all you conservatives heads you know who you are promoting your videos on youtube as well those on t.v supporting Donald Trump trying to convince african americans in supporting Trump you're ingorant &it's not working Trump is still in single digits when it comes to black voters as far as I'm concern Trump can go f***** himself as well his black conservatives voices go f*** yourselves!