How Uncle Sam Stole $150,000 from Whistblower Bruce Gorcyca and never returned it even after all the fake charges were dismissed.

Subject: How Uncle Sam Stole $150,000 from Whistblower Bruce Gorcyca and never returned it even after all the fake charges were dismissed.
From: Bruce Gorcyca, Military Veteran
Date: 26 Feb 2020

In 1991 I began a book project to share my experience working for Uncle Sam in the Coast Guard, Department of Justice, U.S. Treasury Department (IRS), and as an air traffic controller with the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as with my volunteer work with the American Red Cross, and then with a Fortune 500 Company where I was the Regional Marketing Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean. Specifically, my book would focus on corruption and government and corporate crimes that were simply ignored, despite my aggressive efforts to report them,including torture and murder of federal prisoners that I, and others experienced first hand,and/or witnessed. The two murder victims were killed at MCC Miami (Prisoner Ralph Steele, and Prisoner Udhisti Disarean (phonetic) in the segregation unit. As for the torture, here is a summary:

I also would write about a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson who was appointed by George Bush Sr. to take the place of Oliver North smuggling drugs en masse from Colombia to America with his two partners Atty. Stephen J. Finta and Jeb Bush. The details are in my book manuscripts and sworn affidavits and confirmed by many honest government officials and federal agents in both America and Canada. But this is a topic for another day. If you must satisfy your curiosity today, search "FBI Corruption Terry Nelson Drugs Jeb Bush" or and read chapter 47 or the entire book free online at

Because I undertook this effort to expose massive corruption that exceeded $100million a year, and laid it the feet of the FBI Director Louis Freeh, with solid evidence that eventually would include video and audio tapes. and what you can now read here at I was targeted to be discredited in the event I went public with my information or actually published my book. It all was also sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller and Senator Joseph Biden in 2001 by FEDEX which confirmed both parties, and two others all received the packages...

This is long before Edward Snowden went public with his disclosure of mass government electronic spying on every American. In short I did not know my book was being read by the FBI and NSA as I was typing it on my laptop.

The government decided they would smear and discredit me with some fake criminal charges but they first would bankrupt me so I would not have any money to hire a top lawyer to defend myself. So without ever serving me any notice to attend any hearing in Florida while I was attending to my hospitalized mother Martha H.Gorcyca in Ohio three months at Parma Community Hospital, they held their kangaroo court in my absence, unbeknownst to me. This hearing held without me violated my due process and constitutional rights, and they decided to seize my bank accounts and the $20,000 of cash and (3) 1 kilo bars of gold in my Brickell Avenue office, even though I had not been charged with any crimes. And as you can see from their news release, the accusation was based on their own civil suit, of which I also was never served any claim! Innocent until proven guilty??? Only on paper-not in reality.

Eventually the FBI attempted to coerce my cooperation to be their witness in an unrelated matter involving Vice President Cheney's insider trading on Enron at the same time Al Chalem and myself were being threatened to "leave the country or die".

Since Chalem was in fact murdered while he was "cooperating" with the FBI, (under their 24/7 protection). I decided the better option would be to go visit my in-laws in Canada with our new- born son (My wife and son are Canadian citizens). See Eventually my other associates connected with the same Enron deal made off-shore for Cheney would also be murdered. See here for details... along with the agent for the seller, Scotty Galin who would die in a mysterious private plane crash in the Bahamas. But since Dick Cheney earned between $60 - $80 million upon the collapse of Enron, I suppose a handful of lives don't matter to him. Besides, he professes to be "Too Big To Jail".

The FBI decided to add more pressure to win my cooperation by instructing Immigration Canada to "detain him for as long as possible for some investigation". Thus my next 10.5 months was in a Canadian jail cell - still not charged with any crimes. While jailed the FBI came to visit me in January of 2001 and one them, corrupt FBI agent Greg Coleman told me that unless I cooperated with him, I'd spend another 10 months on "Immigration Hold". FOUR MONTHS after Coleman's visit, I was served with a Legal Judgement that the SEC took my money and gold (over $150,000) and that I had 30 days to file an appeal. But by this time,it had been over 9 months that the judgement was issued!

With the help of a very honest Justice... Chief Justice Patrick LeSage and a pro-se Writ of Habeas Corpus I mailed to him, Immigration Canada finally decided the follow the law instead of FBI instructions and they released me at anunscheduled "Emergency Hearing".

But immediately upon release I was arrested and told that the FBI wanted me extradited back to America! I would be charged with a crime for which Canada does not extradite people "Conspiracy to commit stock fraud". See the 11 page of Canadian private investigator Ed Reiken who proved the FBI was lying and the "stock fraud" charges were fabricated. (His report are the last 11 pages at this website...

In 2007 these charges against me would all be dismissed by federal Judge Jack Weinstein on December 19th, 2007 in case no. 07-CR-608. Roughly 21 days later I was re-indicted on the same identical charges with a different judge in case no 08-CR-09 and on November 20, 2019 the same charges would be dismissed a second time by federal Judge Fred Block.

Now some 20 years after my money and 3 gold bars were seized from my bank and office in Miami, not even one dollar has been refunded by the SEC. There is no justice in America unless you are a multi-millionaire pedophile named Jeffery Epstein who is friends will Bill Clinton. The two crooked FBI agents trying to frame me in revenge have both retired as millionaires and I am now forced to live in a homeless shelter waiting for my stolen money and gold that has appreciated in value $30,000 over the past two decades of this ordeal.

Here's is how they prevented me from publishing my book all this time,