How I Fell Out of the Church and How It Caused Corona

Subject: How I Fell Out of the Church and How It Caused Corona
From: Victor Porton
Date: 9 Sep 2020

The Bible says that Christ died for the sins of the whole world. If you look into the Greek, it is whole world, not entire world. If there are obstacles that make the world disconnected, the sacrifice of Christ is hindered.

We have a nearly unwhole world among the other reasons because I conflicted with almost everybody.

After the conversion due to my unwhole religion I decided to call myself a sectarian and a religious fanatic before people (because Jesus said not to be ashamed of Him and His words). For this reason, I was dying of hunger and was beaten by the head with a frying pan, because the world was made unwhole by this my manner of communication as nobody wanted to speak with a religious fanatic.

My unwhole religion was also manifested in my failure to relate how immaterial soul could be related with me going mad after having been beaten. I hit also another contradiction: I was becoming worse as a consequence of following my religion, because I was beaten by head for it, deprived of books, etc. I was confused: Should I abandon it?

After many years I invented an explanation: There is no soul separate from the brain, apparently, the human soul is a backup copy of the brain.

Considering that my religion makes me worse, I decided that I need to reject the Gospel, considering that the New Testament rejects itself in the same way as it rejects the Old Testament. I was extremely proud by invention of a new religion.

But later I got: The Bible seems not to teach that we should not reject Christ because of to be absolutely honest (where the Bible says this for people?) but reading this in context I found that Jesus says not to be ashamed of Him because of being not afraid of the death and of “killing the body, but later not being able to do anything”. Therefore He called us not to be afraid of the death and therefore not to be afraid of partial death (such as a brain damage), too. Now I think so: I have a backup copy in the heaven. Whatever they do to me it is not a harm, at worst they would beat me by a frying pan again and make me a bad maniac. Jesus told not to be afraid of this. So, even despite I don’t now follow absolute honesty, I have no incentive to lie.

I did some very big math discoveries and also thought that I have the very best religion among people, even despite I knew that there are contradictions in my religion.

In the meantime I was greatly offended by the relation of people (and even church members and leaders) to me and decided to make war. I said “Destroy two skyscrapers by planes.” (about the USA) to start a thermonuclear war against Russia where I lived. (Afterwards I stopped the war.) Later I pronounced many curses including “Let it be coronavirus.” (one of the least of my curses).
God has heard me, your church is closed. I was not right in many issues, but apparently God decided that if I were a member of your church, you would bring me to death from hunger, too. You need to reconcile with me. It is in interest of both parties.
I am now in Israel, Ashkelon. My Hebrew is bad. The pastor of the church I visited rejected to speak with me without any reason.

We have unwhole world. I have groundbreaking discoveries in mathematics and amazing ideas in religion, but my ideas almost don’t spread. Therefore Christ almost didn’t die for sins of the world. Take this problem seriously. You have corona and your church is closed for this reason.

We need to discuss the state of the Gospel: Does it cancel itself? In which degree? Does the grace really ceased as I proclaimed in the past, or how to restore us in the grace? Definitely, we lost some grace.

Another idea for rejecting it by everybody around me almost putting me to death from hunger, I cursed the world, was that the Old Testament in Hebrew should be read without vowels (because Moses and other prophets are known to write without vowels). Now I know by experience that if we do this naively, we may just get false prophecies. But I still think that the Old Testament is to be read without vowels. I created software to do this and wrote some theological articles with thoughts how to do this correctly. Corona came because you don’t use this software.

We need to reconcile and discuss the details. Write to me. The world to be whole needs to build a Web site for discussing my ideas. I need to know which of my ideas were true and which false. Pay for this site. Now the world is nearly unwhole and Christ almost didn’t die for its sins!

Somebody said that a church is an authoritative spiritual counsel where important spiritual issues are solved. Because I have not found a church, I wonder: Is there any church in the world? If there is, please welcome me to it. I think that the doctrine of “local church” is an obstacle for functioning the church now. Or do I mistake? Discuss with me.

The YouTube channel with my attempt to make Christian sermons.