How To Cope With Losing A Loved One

Subject: How To Cope With Losing A Loved One
From: Mike Parsons
Date: 8 Dec 2020

Loving someone is a very hard and traumatic thing to go through, unfortunately, we will all have to go through it at some point in life. Coping with loss is very personal and different, but there are still some basic and very universal steps to the loss and grieving process. When you are aware of the steps it can help you work through it and get better over time. 
Don’t Block Out the Feelings
Losing someone you love will bring out every single emotion that you can imagine. There will be times when you are feeling more than one and you might be feeling like you are losing your mind. It is completely normal to feel that way, therefore you shouldn’t try to block them out or try to act like they are not there. Another very important thing to realise is that there is no right way or wrong way of feeling when you have lost someone. We are all different so it is normal that we all handle our emotions differently. 
Gather Yourself Some Support
Although there will be times when you will like to be alone with your emotions, it is very important that you have a support group around yourself at times when you need it. Anyone from a minister, neighbour, family or friends will be good to have around you when needed. They are all people that can listen and help. Having someone there for emotional support is advised to have, even if it means that you get a therapist. Losing someone will live a large hole in your life therefore you need to have someone to help you get over that. 
Administer the Estate
Even though you are maybe not feeling like doing anything once you have lost someone there are things that need to be done. A lot of people think that they don't need to open an estate because the one they lost didn't have a lot of money. That belief will usually leave a lot of debts and taxes unpaid while their assets are being distributed. And then you will be surprised one the IRS comes to recover their claim. That is why you need to contact a probate lawyer that will help you deal with everything on the legal aspect. 
Allow Yourself to Go Through the Grieving Process
Grief is a process that takes time to overcome. It is very important that you are aware that everyone has their own way of overcoming it. There is no time limit on grief and pain you are feeling. But there are stages that you must allow yourself to go through in order to overcome it. Every stage is unique and they aren't necessarily experienced in any order. Another thing is that some stages might be revisited and that is okay. The only way to get over everything is to allow yourself to go through every stage.  

  • As you are releasing what happened you might feel angry, and that is normal. The anger can be directed toward anyone like yourself, the doctors or the person you lost. This is also one of the most revisited stages when grieving. 


  • Initially, most people are in denial when they hear the news. A lot of people just find it impossible to believe that that person is gone.


  • The overwhelming sadness that you are feeling is completely normal, and in most cases that won't last forever. It is common to feel depressed and like nothing will ever be the same again. 


  • The final stage of grieving is acceptance. That means that you have accepted that they are gone and you are moving on with your life. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't revisit any of these stages, that means that you have accepted everything and everything has become manageable. 

Preserve the Memories 
There is nothing wrong with creating a tribute to the person you have lost. One of the most popular ways to do so is to create a memory box or a folder where you will put the photos, mementos or anything that you want. Sometimes that will help you get closure. 
Start Living Your Life to The Fullest
Even though pain is real and you should feel it, there will come a point in life when you have to start living your normal life again. By overcoming the loss of a loved one you will realise that death is just reality and there is no way to avoid it. You will be able to find yourself again and move forward with your life. You need to embrace life without your loved one by your side and start living it to the fullest. 
The process of grief is unique for everyone. Every single person will respond differently to losing someone. Don't forget to be kind to yourself and know that life will go on.