How authoritarianism supports itself

Subject: How authoritarianism supports itself
From: Victor Porton
Date: 22 Aug 2019

Ever wondered how authoritarianism does appear? It seems so stupid that a person smart enough to take a high position would not be to adhere to it. How does it work in the human mind?

I will try to explain, accordingly to what I know and understand:

A bad manager sometimes only speaks and never hears. I think most people behave this way to raise their esteems in the eyes of the surrounding. No doubt it is stupid: The surroundings almost always think of this: This man is so stupid that he is unable to hear.

He is also unable to hear that he is stupid and his "plan" to raise his esteems does not work.

This is the vicious circle of authoritarianism: the desire to raise esteem -> refusal to hear -> incompetence -> not knowing that this way the esteem is lowered -> keeping his wrong way to raise esteem.

Many otherwise talented people fall into this circle.

For me, it is quite obvious that inability to hear produces an inability to receive information and thus many stupid errors. People are so stupid that most people think the reverse.

Authoritarianism is often interwoven with the desire to torture somebody.