Ho Ho Ho! This is Santa Claus checking in with my bestest buddy Vincent DiMarco and my little Boo Boo in Mississauga with a very important Christmas message (No. 25)

Subject: Ho Ho Ho! This is Santa Claus checking in with my bestest buddy Vincent DiMarco and my little Boo Boo in Mississauga with a very important Christmas message (No. 25)
From: Santa Claus and Appa
Date: 24 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas to my favorite Canadian boys who I am very proud to say, have never once been on my naughty list. My best friend Appa told me about you two many years ago, and I am so glad that he did because I wish all the boys and girls on my list were as well-behaved as the two of you. But I must say Dylan, you often push mom to the limits of her patience from time to time. Luckily you are too lovable not to forgive. But don't push your luck Boo Boo.

For years I have been stuffing gifts under your beautiful Christmas tree in Mississauga and every year I've been eating the great cookies you have left for me on the table. But I have been gaining a little weight in recent years (all those cookies put 10 pounds on me every year) and it is getting harder for me to get down that chimney of yours! So this year year, I am going to ask you for a favor. Can you just leave the key for the front door under the door mat because if I got stuck inside your chimney, I wouldn't be able to deliver the rest of my toys to the other boys and girls, and it would be a very sad Christmas for them eh?

Also I have another small problem boys and I need your help. Its been a while since I spoke with your mother and Appa mentioned to me that you moved but nobody gave him the new address for me to deliver your toys and something special for Grandma and your mother. They have been extra good especially with all the stress of the music school closing because of this darn COVID stuff.

So even though I got you both all of the gifts that was on the list Appa gave me, I don't know where to deliver them this year! So please call me and give me a new address so I don't lose time trying to find y'all when I get to Toronto. I sent you an email with my private phone number, but we don't have a lot of time you know.

I am just about finished loading up my sleigh and Rudolph and Dasher just woke up and as soon as they finish eating dinner, we'll be on our way South to Canada and America. Appa wanted to meet me for a beer in Port Credit but the borders are still closed and he is still stuck in that New York Hotel in Flushing. He misses you boys and his family more than words can say. He begged me to pick him up and bring him home in my sleigh, but I barely have room left to sit in my sleigh with over 10 tons of toys to deliver. And I surely don't want to get pulled over by the police for having more than one passenger eh? They would throw us both into quarantine for 14 days, and without toys for Christmas, well, it just wouldn't be the same. In all these years I was only late once in 1869 when I stopped for a pint of ale in London and then got lost for a day. Luckily I was able to blame the huge snow storm that year, and nobody but Queen Victoria knew I was really drunk and lost. But after I put a 300 carat diamond tiara under her tree, she forgot all about it.

Anyway, please help me out with the two problems above and I will bring you something really quite special this year boys. Oh dear, Mrs. Claus is calling me hold on a minute......Oh gosh, she went to 7-11 for some milk for my reindeer and was in such a rush to get it she left her purse here at the house. I have to say good bye for now so I can get one of my elves to take her some money to pay for the milk.

Oh, hold on. I almost forgot, Appa wanted me to tell you that he loves you both more than all the stars in the sky multiplied by all the pine needles on every Christmas Tree in the world. My Goodness, that's a lot of love! I'd have to have a really huge sleigh to deliver all of that lovin! Maybe I'd even have to make 50 trips! I'll just stick to the toys for now and let Appa deliver the love he's been saving up for both of you.

Lastly, can you ask mom to go easy on the cookies this year and no more Oreos please. Everyone leaves me oreos, and frankly I am getting sick of them! But I'd be very grateful for some Chips Ahoy or those Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies! As always, if you could leave some apples for my reindeer, they be very happy and I promise I won't let them poop or pee on your roof.

BTW... Tell your mother that Appa asked me to deliver a little sister for you boys to play with, but I'd rather he make that delivery himself. If she fell out of my sleigh at 10,000 feet, it would ruin my Christmas and hers too eh? I can't believe my elves still haven't installed seat belts or a rocking stereo in my sleigh yet. Listening to those bells for 12 hours is not my cup of tea after 350 years. Thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year!

I have to get going now boys. Thanks again for being so good in 2020, such a horrible year. Father Time assures me better days are coming soon. Don't forget to call me with some directions so I can program my GPS properly. See you soon boys! - Santa

P.S. For BBV... Appa said to give you this; https://ruqqus.com/+MESSAGEBOARD/post/5zqu/urgent-message-no-24-for-my