Hillary Clinton Committed Treason Three Times yet Chelsea Manning is serving a 35 year prison sentence while Hillary walks free. Just Us? Time for Congress & The FBI to do their jobs!

Subject: Hillary Clinton Committed Treason Three Times yet Chelsea Manning is serving a 35 year prison sentence while Hillary walks free. Just Us? Time for Congress & The FBI to do their jobs!
From: A former federal agent and angry voter who wants equal Justice for all
Date: 2 Nov 2016

To the honest FBI agents still remaining at the FBI and members of the House and Senate...

You all know the score. You all know you have been derelict in your jobs, asleep at the switch, or deliberately turned a blind eye to win favor with superiors, or return one. I was also asked to do the same when I worked 5 years in federal law enforcment. First I protested, and then I was black-balled, and then I resigned. At least I am alive. Some of my colleagues were not so lucky. One was murdered, one committed suicide, and one was shot five time and left for dead. When he lived he was paid a few million dollars to sign a gag order. His name is Jurgen Schmidt and he lives in a wheelchair in Hollywood, Florida if you doubt my words.

But that is ancient history. Today we have even bigger corruption than I witnessed and it has become systemic at every level of almost every agency and bureau of the U.S. Government. While whistle-blowers are urged to come forward with the bait of rewards, they get hammered and persecuted without mercy as soon as they implicate any government official of the Executive branch or even one at a GS-15 or higher pay level. Today, Edward Snowden, Jim Stone, Julian Assange, and Bruce Gorcyca must live abroad in exile - simply for telling the truth. It seems Truth has become a crime in America, the ostensible "land of the free".

Today I will focus only on Mrs.Hillary Clinton who is the living definition and classic textbook example of organized crime and racketeering. As a former federal agent familiar with Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Mrs. Clinton has now committed an assortment of crimes that even a rookie agent just out of Quantico could document in 30 days or less IF the proper subpoenas ardwarrants are issued. And although the FBI knew of the emails on Anthony Weien's computer and of Huma Abedin's clandestine ties with the Saudis and known terror groups, they deliberately waited untik the 11th hour to pretend to do their jobs. Here are the crimes Mrs.Clinton has committed and for which ample "probable cause" exists for a prompt indictment:

A) Perjury
B) Obstruction of Justice
C) Destruction of Evidence
D) Tampering with a witness
E) Hatch Act Violations (3 that can be documented)
F) Racketeering
G) Xonspiracy to Commit Election Fraud
H) Violating the National Security Act
I) Bribery
K) Willful Ignorance of a Crime in Progress by a government official

I also suspect, but cannot prove just yet that Mrs. Clinton also was an accessory to murder related to the murders of DNC employee Seth Rich and former SEC Investigator & Presidential Aide John Wheeler. See: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/4hmck6/first_of_si...

But it is the Treason charge that concerns me most as it is the most blatant and egregious of all her transgressions, not only against the law, but against every American citizen. I even have reason and evidence to suggest that she deliberately allowed Ambassador Stevens to be killed, since he was a key witness to illegal weapons sales Mrs. Clinton allowed to Syrian and Libyan rebels and transferred to ISIS. Here are the details of three acts of Treason committed by Hillary Clinton:

1) In 2001, Hillary Clinton learned of Saudi covert complicity in the 811 inside job "arranged" by the Bush/Cheney regime in writing from two reliable and credible sources via 2 letters delivered by FEDEX along with a video and udio tape. FEDEX confirms the delivery was completed to her office, One of the letters was addressed directly to her from an FBI informant, and the other was a copy of the letter sent to then FBI Director Robert Mueller. Please note at the bottom of page 2 of the FBI letter, that one other Senator, now the Vice-President (Jospeh Biden) also received the letter as did an FBI agent in Buffalo by the name of Tom Doktor. This tells the whole story http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/julian-assange-wikileaks-was-about-expose-... and below are one of the letters found as a legal exhibit a an Ontario court caseno: C37836 in the Ontario Court of Appeals in Toronto:



In case anyone thinks the letters are fabricated, you will also find them as legal exhibits in a formal complaint filed with the Law SOciety of Upper Canada and here is a copy of that entire complaint: http://gilmourlawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com.(The PDC letter sent to FBI director was signed by Solicitor William Gilmour of Toronto)

2) The second act of treason was when Hillary allowed for, approved, and tehn directed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya to transger illegal Sarin gas to Syria to be used in a black ops operation that killed over 500 civilians and then falsely blamed on Pressident Assad. Seymour Hersh of the New York Times tells the story here. http://www.globalresearch.ca/hillary-clinton-approved-delivering-libyas-.... Mrs. Clinton also asked Stevens to transfer Stinger missiles to ISIS rebels in Afghanistan, and one of them was used to shoot down a U.S. Army helicopter. But a serial number was taken from part of the projectile that did not properly explode and it was leaked and then proven that the missile came from those illegal sold in Libya, with the blessings of Mrs. Clinton to ISIS rebels. Read more about this here: https://www.truthorfiction.com/clinton-sent-ambassador-stevens-benghazi-....

3) The third act of treason that can be documented is that Mrs. Clinton used unsecured and monitored communications and well as openly discussed the names of U.S. spies operating abroad in Europe and the Middle East and at least three of them were promptly murdered within a month of her disclosures including Dr. Shahram Amiri a nuclear scientist in Iran. Read http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/cotton-clinton-discussed-executed-iran....

There are still more details of Hillary's many crimes being disclosed every day by Wikileaks, 4Chan.org, Anonymous, and Scam.com. It is truly shameful that the MSM cannot be trusted to tell us the truth (Every TV network except FOX has contributed millions of dollars to Hillary's campaign and their bias is proven on a daily basis of glorifying and/or defending Mrs. Clinton, while demonizing and bashing Donald Trump, and ignoring third party candidates almost completely like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson). This link explains the sad reality that our western news media was bought off almost 15 years ago. Pleaseshare this with your friends and colleagues no matter what your flavor of politics may be: https://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704348-Help-Expose-the-MSM-(Main-Stream-Media)-Deception-Send-this-link-to-your-friends!

To Congressman and Senators, I say - Get of your ass and do what needs to be done. Let the subpoenas fly and appoint the special prosecutors yo guarantee real Justice is served. You can and will be replaced if you choose to stay on the gravy train and line your own pockets. Let Bernie Sanders, Rand and Ron Paul be the example you all need to emulate. Choose the status quo and you will mostly likely see our own "American Spring" if you all allow election fraud to prevail. "We The People" have been fed enough of your polarized bullshit. Start earning those huge salaries TODAY, and save all your pledges and promises for the judges you may one day face if you do nothing. We do not need nor want any Pontius Pilate legislators in Washington.

To be very clear I am NOT a supporter of Donald Trump. Prior to the Primary Election fraud exposed in California and New York vis the many DNC emails obtained and published by Wikileaks, I was 100% behind Bernie Sanders. After he was clearly sabotaged by the DNC i realigned by allegiance and support to the honest woman candidate Jill Stein. But if I had to choose only between Trump & Hillary, I would bite my tongue and vote for the candidate that would cause the least damage to our nation, and that would eliminate Mrs. Clinton from consideration in a New York minute.

For those of you unable to wrap your head around the above reality, I leave you with links where you can find proof and evidence of Mrs. Clinton's 30 year history of criminal activity. Of course she is not the only corrupt official but none of the Bush family are running for president - she is;







In less than 10 days America will experience a historic election that will either help flush corruption from the bowels of our nation, or spread the cancer of bankster collusion even wider and deeper to promote their NWO agenda. Learn the truth that has been deliberately censored from you at the the above links and then think about the country and lifestle you want your children to inherit. You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. There is no middle ground folks. Please do what is right for the sake of your children and mine.

P.S. To my former colleagues in federal law enforcement, I urge you to help cleanse America and do whatever you must to safely leak what every American needs to see. Stop the mass deception and expose the real criminals. We know that the Wall Street and Central Bankers control Washington, not vice versa. But the public needs to know and see the proof that your agencies conceal. We know how the pols and the bankers profit from war and how they launder their money with Morgan & Morgan in Panama and/or The Carlyle Group. Please share your knowledge as I have done above. We CAN make a difference IF YOU do the right thing and stop turning a blind eye to it all. If you are afraid to accuse an elite of a serious crime, at least use this law to remove her from politics forever: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/2071. Redeem yourselves and restore the integrity and honor your Directors have forfeited. Share the truth my friends and give America the enema that is so badly needs and deserves. http://theolivebranchreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/hillary-accus...