Hi Bes!

Subject: Hi Bes!
From: Your Bes
Date: 27 Jul 2022

Hi Bes! I hope you're doing great wherever you are. I'm sorry I haven't given you a lot of attention. I'm sad that you're gone, I regret not meeting you even just once. When you told me that you had an illness I was shocked. I also doubted you since there was no proof, but I believed you in the end. I can't tell you to avoid this or that, since I figured most people around you already said that. I also didn't want you to feel as if I was pitying you. You were and still are my best friend. All the things we talked about, animes, mangas, daily life, and your exes HAHAHAHA. I would miss it. I will miss you. Every time you helped me with my math homework, I felt really grateful. I don't know if the news I heard about you was real or not, I was hoping it wasn't because that would mean you are still kicking and breathing. This may be a sad experience but meeting you was definitely one of my happiest memory. I just have one last piece of advice for you Bes, please stop thinking about other people (ex) you should focus on yourself now. I love you! (platonically).

sincerely, your Bes.