Hello America

Subject: Hello America
From: An Average Struggling American
Date: 4 Apr 2021

I am writing to you with a heavy heart. For I have seen the decline of the American way. America use to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. No longer. It is now the land of the lairs and delusional maniac's. It is a country of everything for me and nothing for you. And money is the only prize. No matter how you get it. There is no pride in an honest days work anymore. Or in making a product the is built to last at a fair price. We let rich and so called powerful people make decisions for us, but all they care about is keeping us poor and making themselves richer. It is easy for someone making 6 figures in salary and who get all expenses paid to claim raising minimum wage would hurt the economy. They also pay the least amount of taxes because they support the law makers and keep them doing their bidding. If you are going to be in politics Grow a Pair and do your job the right way. Country comes first not your career. If you want to make politics better take the money out of it. This country has no money because the politicians take huge amounts and then don’t do their jobs. All they do is fight like school kids on the playground.

I can not believe how many normally rational people buy into the lies being thrown around and support those lies just because of a political label. I have seen families torn apart by the same political labels.

When did the act of supporting a party become more important than running the country? When did the political parties become like the Americans and Russians in the cold war? I can understand the difference of opinion between the parties but your job, the reason you were elected is to discus the issues and come to some form of compromise for the good of the country. Not to fight and dismiss the issue only because the democrats or the republicans came up with the ideal.

This country is suffering and you are all acting like school kids. Oh the ideal was Johnny’s, I don’t like Johnny so I will not even think about doing it or discuss it, and I will do everything in my power to stop it! That is what our government looks like to me.

To be a free American and have all the benefits this country provides first and foremost you must follow and obey the laws of this country. WHICH NOBODY DOES!!!! We all try to find ways around the law only because we think it is a stupid law and we do not agree with it. So instead of taking steps to change it we feel we have the right to break it. I am even guilty of this.

And the siege on the Capitol was totally miss handled. As an ex-military man it was a disgrace to see. The capitol is the seat of our government. The halls of the capitol on that day should have ran red with blood. Any person, no matter what nationality, race or color, that broke through the police line with the intent to sop the process of the government doing their job is an enemy of this country. They are not Patriots of this country an anyone who thinks the were does not know what a Patriot is. Look at the history of this country. The patriots they speak of were battling a foreign power, not our own government. The people who were there that day are DOMISTIC TERRORIST PERIOD! And they should have been shot. Our government officials need to be protected at all costs. Even the factions that are only in politics to advance their own goals. And the fact that the American people can not see this is sad. And for the leader of our country to insight such an act and not be held accountable shows just how far our way of life has died and been buried. Nobody is supposed to be above the law. But alas our way of life no longer applies to a select few.

I hear a lot of people and ex-military complaining about all the new mandates that are in place. They think they have the right to disobey these mandates because they don’t like them or because they are free Americans. Grow up! You just do not like have someone tell you what to do. I don’t believe the science behind everything they are saying but as a courtesy to YOU I follow the mandates. And if you cared one iota about other people you would extend me the same courtesy. But alas you don’t care about anybody but yourselves and your so called freedom. If you are a military man you should be ashamed of yourselves. Even though you fought for yours and our freedom, and you don’t agree with our leaders does not give you the right to disobey the mandates. How many times did you not agree with regulations in the service but you followed them because you had to. This is the same thing. And you should know it is done to make sure that you survived and functioned at a high level.

I also want the American people to understand that freedom of speech does not mean you have the right to insight violence with it. You have the right to protest and disagree with anything. And you can speak up against it and make your opinion known. But doing so to harm someone or insight violence whether it is built on a lie that you know is a lie is not condoned. Just remember words are powerful and can be devastating. As an example Hitler himself never physically killed a Jew, but he was responsible for millions of them dying. Think about that and then try to tell me what happened at the Capitol was just someone using freedom of speech. B.S. is all I cam say, and they should all be prosecuted.

And speaking of the Great Lie, every Lawyer that filled and continued to file false claim's with the courts over and over again should be disbarred immediately. They knew that what they were filing was a total farce and used resources that could have been directed in actual valid cases. And I thought it was against the law to file erroneous court cases and police reports. Just saying.

And please all Politicians quit chastising people and then turn around and support them. That just proves that you are all as delusional as they are. You all had the chance to set the ship on the right course and you failed. Just like you all failed to do the job you were elected for.

I understand that the pandemic is not a joke and very serious, but please quit lying about it. First off the Vaccine everyone keeps talking about is false information. It is not a vaccine. A vaccine eradicates the virus. The covid vaccine does not. It is just like the Flu Vaccine that is now called a flu shot. Second the so called Vaccine is still only approved for emergency use. Which means that if the pandemic ended today you could not get the shot tomorrow. And lastly you can not deny anyone anything because they did not get a shot. It is the very definition of discrimination. How can you tell one person that because you did not get the shot you can not do this or that. As long as the law about your you being able to deny medical treatment because of your religious belief is on the books you can not force others groups to do what you let one group get away with. That is just un-American. And having a vaccine passport violates the HIPPA law to the ninth degree. My medical records, which covers all vaccines, is between me and my medical professional. IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!!

And I still want to know how my identification that I have used for 46 years of my life is no longer valid. I am 62 and my driver license is no longer excepted as a form of identification. I have a birth certificate and a SSI card that claims I was born and raised in the US. I also served for ten years in the military. Who in their right mind can now tell me I am not a citizen because I don’t have a real ID. KMA. It is just another way for someone who thinks they have power to prove to themselves that they do.

Also if you are going to throw your chips into the pot that backs people that are the very definition of evil and use all the same tactics of the devil to get their way please do not call yourselves Christens, Religious, or any other God Fearing Name. You are not. Remember You shall have no other God before me. And the gold Statue of Trump at the convention is a blatant form of idol worship. Also it seams that their are people that consider him a god. GOD DOES NOT CARE WHO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES IS! Do you really think God is going to be concerned with that. If you do than you are delusional. And while I am on this subject please quit saying you care about me and want to save my soul in the name of God. Please quit trying to flaunt how believing you are. My spiritual journey is for me, myself, and I and does not concern you. Also for us to have freedom we must all have the right to choose what happens to our bodies no matter who we are. Quit trying to use the bible to condemn us. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB!!! GOD DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP!!!! HE CAN HANDLE JUDGEMENT ON HIS OWN!!!!!!! AND ALSO THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE!!! JUDGE YOURSELVES NOT OTHERS AND BE TRUTHFUL WITH YOUR SELF! I doubt that you can do that.

Also this is my opinion on abortion. Leave it alone and stay out of it. It does not concern you. I ask this question, what is better, to abort a child before it comes into this cruel world, or to bring that child into this word will it will not be loved or cared for, will it will have a better chance to be abused, or be forced to struggle and fight just to survive. And what if that child is conceived by evil. There is enough evil in this world and we don’t need to let any more in. Also if a woman is raped no matter by who to force her to raise that child is like rapping her every day of the rest of her life. You people are sick if you believe that a child suffering in this world because YOU interfered with the decision of the mother is a good morel win. GO TO HADES!! For that is where you belong. YOU ARE THE REASON EVIL FLORISHES IN THIS WORLD!! YOU ARE ADVANCING THE DEVIL’S AGENDA IN THE NAME OF GOD!!! Just because YOU believe it is right and moral. I said it before and I will say it again STAY OUT OF IT!! CONCENTRATE ON YOUR ON HOUSE AND LEAVE EVERYONE ELSES HOUSE ALONE!!! Then the world will be a better place. Unless you are willing to pay for the birth and adopt the child after it is born, keep your moth shut. For those are the only people who have the right to argue the abortion issue.

And last but not least quit using labels for people. We are either American or we are not. Be proud of your heritage but quit flaunting it. Claiming that you are this American or that American just adds to the problem. It makes it seem like one group is better than another. We need to get past that. We need to come together as members of the human race. We are all the same. We all have worries, fears, and prejudices. If We treat each other with respect and equality we can become a greater Nation.

Just my opinion. Do not care if you agree or not. Just had to get this off my chest so that I can get back to life as I knew it. And hopefully it will cause at least one person to think about some of the issues in a new light.

Thank you for reading.