Have You Ever Felt Like Your Being Watched?

Subject: Have You Ever Felt Like Your Being Watched?
Date: 22 Feb 2017

So I’m in British lit my senior year and we got books that we had to read. I didn’t want to read nor force to read a book but it’s for a grade so I had to. We got to choose and I knew a little about this book so I picked 1984. What caught my attention in chapter one was “Winston talks about Big Brother and how he is watching over everyone as like the government in a way to spy on the people.” In the middle of the book Winston describe how it’s weird that his communication with O’Brien only happen through notes and it was strange to him on how these notes were in the same place where Winston also found his journal. At the end Winston finds out every suspension he had was true, that O’Brien is in fact part of a way of the government to spy on him and join big brother.

I in fact had seen social media for example take apart in the spying on the people. My friend that had a baby a couple of years ago would post a lot Facebook. So when she had this baby everyone on social media didn’t like how she would still portray her child’s life as well as still showing her party life. Some must of felt the that kid wasn’t in a good environment but they would only see post. They would try to take matters into their own hands and try to send child services but they said there was nothing wrong the child was in good hands. It was just her showing both worlds she was living in they only seen the bad side and not the good.

Not only have I experienced social media spying over you but so have others. A form an article call “Why did Instagram delete this innocent photo? Mother's fury after she has her account shut down because the image broke the 'no nipple' rule” women posted a picture of her daughter with her dress up just to look at her shoes. Instagram went to their advantage a deleted the photo. Well that made the mom very upset and in her words “They said I violated their guidelines, which are very vague.” It made a big impact and was even on the news because there is worse things on the internet so why is I child in apocopate.

My audience is to everyone so that they will open their eyes and listen. Not only just to make a statement but for America to open their eyes and see that there is a bigger danger that’s can happen. Also to show that this issue is still in this world today is happening and it shows that nothing is resolving it. This shows that America is scared to see history repeat itself and it still is so their scared to fix the issue.

Which comes to my purpose of my topic is to inform the public that history is repeating itself. Again to show that the scares the had about their society is still continuing in this society witch shows that no one is working on fixing their state of mind of the issue.

There is a lot of issues in America today and they only can be resolved if people are willing to change. People see what is wrong in the world and an event happened and may or may not get resolved and then it’s just thrown to the curb like it’s said and done. But we need to do more into realizing that every event matters and in the end of the book when Winston mind gets taken over to Big Brother I want that to be an eye opener because one thing we still have is our minds so lets put them together and use them right and make a difference.