Has the CIA Coup of Wikileaks been exposed by too many "coincidences" and Julian Assange body double?

Subject: Has the CIA Coup of Wikileaks been exposed by too many "coincidences" and Julian Assange body double?
From: Curious Charlie
Date: 8 Feb 2017

Two Sean Hannity video interviews and a Reddit AMA would "prove" this is not possible. But what if Sean Hannity was paid big bucks to assist in "catching dangerous government leakers who endanger national security"? What if that Reddit AMA was fabricated and scripted to ask only softball questions, avoid the subject of fingerprints and DNA samples that would provide verifiable and forensic PROOF OF LIFE, and 90% of those asking the questions were moderators of 36 Reddit sub forums, and not regular users? What if 38 Reddit users who spotted this and tried to expose it were all censored and banned? What if Reddit was programmed to keep this controversy off their front page that gets 5 million views a day?




Now here are some incredible "coincidences" that the MSM is deliberately ignoring in accordance to Obama's media blackout order on Julian Assange issued on October 15th, 2016;

BEFORE October 16, 2016, the real Julian Assange and Wikileaks signed everything with a PGP code key

AFTER October 16, 2016: NOTHING "Julian Assange" and Wikileaks put out is signed with the PGP code key

BEFORE October 16, 2016: the Wikileaks Twitter account was putting out tons of information on the illegal activities of John & Tony Podesta and began linking Huma Abedian to Saudi government as a probable spy.

AFTER October 16, 2016: the Wikileaks Twitter account stopped talking about both Podesta and Huma Abedin.

BEFORE October 16, 2016: users at Wikileaks and Where Is Assange Reddit subs could speak openly and freely about any topic related to the real Julian Assange

AFTER October 16, 2016: both the Wikileaks and WhereisAssange subs suddenly became RESTRICTED as the original moderators were suddenly replaced with "NEW" moderators and any and all users who talked about the RENDITION of Julian Assange that was witnessed on 10/16/2016 were banned with over 188 posts being deleted.

BEFORE October 16, 2016: the real Julian Assange promised to reveal "massive Treason" or Hillary Clinton and other government officials.

AFTER October 16, 2016: it was never mentioned again. Was this why? http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/julian-assange-wikileaks-was-about-expose-...

BEFORE October 16, 2016: we did not see any doctored videos of Julian Assange videos.

AFTER October 16, 2016: 3 fabricated videos were presented and EXPOSED as virtual fakes and the AMA was made with a body double using real-time voice duplication software available from Adobe and Cereproc.com

BEFORE October 16, 2016: Redit users were able to post Anonymous videos about Julian Assange's whereabouts.

AFTER October 16, 2016: neither Wikileaks nor WhereIsAssange sub will allow this video to be posted because they cannot, and refuse to disprove it: https://vid.me/sozU/30-reasons-why-julian-assange-is-in-room-101-wikvid.me

BEFORE October 16, 2016 Less than 10% of internet posts about Julian Assange whereabouts were being deleted, corrupted, or "redirected".

AFTER October 16, 2016 almost every post (more than 90%) about Julian being captured or killed has been deleted, corrupted or redirected.

BEFORE October 16, 2016: Wikileaks was not afraid and did not hesitate leak anything that was true.

AFTER October 16, 2016: Wikileaks did not touch Pizzagate, The George Webb Haiti investigation or this bombshell: https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiLeaks/comments/5s366n/biggest_leak_of_the_y...

BEFORE October 16, 2016: Julian's lawyers were allowed to sit in the same room with him at the Embassy.

AFTER October 16, 2016: Julian's lawyers were not allowed to see hima, and had to communicate with him by text while sitting in another room of the embassy!

QUESTION: So why was October 16th, 2016 a turning point?
ANSWER: http://yournewswire.com/julian-assange-extradited-guantanamo-express/

BUT WAIT! All of this would require a duplicate Julian Assange cloned body double you say? Well, the CIA has had four years to find and train one. And the CIA has twice before fooled billions of people around the world with two body doubles of Saddam Hussein and their best achievement ever - OSAMA BIN LADEN who was played by an American named Tim Osman ultimately discovered and exposed by LA Detective Michael Rupert and 20 year veteran FBI Chief Ted Gunderson... Here is how the CIA did it before, and how they are doing it now with Julian Assange:

As for the technology to use body doubles, and produce very convincing fake videos, the CIA has demonstrated a history of using them in the past. The most famous being with Bin Laden. This is what my husband and I believe to be the truth after reviewing all the links of the OP, and seeing how the CIA fooled America twice before with fake videos and body doubles. Check this out

http://www.infowars.com/former-cia-officials-admit-to-faking-bin-laden-v... and about the body doubles used by the CIA before:

http://humansarefree.com/2011/05/proof-that-osama-bin-laden-was-cia-and.... and

https://tatoott1009.com/2015/09/22/st-germain-drops-911-bombshell-proof-... and

http://content.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,185240,00.html, and last but not least is what 20 year veteran former FBI Chief whistle blower Ted Gunderson said about it all


And at the time they grabbed Julian, the world's attention was super focused upon him and waiting every day for his next bombshell leak. Obama freaked out when he realized his own CIA was feeding the leaked material (Confirmed by Dr. Steve Pieczenik) and realized it was just a few more days before the 80,000 pages of FBI reports on 911 connections to the Saudi government would be the next bombshells. They had to do something. So they "rendered" him after Ecuador refused to give him up. Only a few days before Julian was snatched by the CIA, Obama went on TV and declared officially that "Assange was a wanted terrorist". IMO, he did this to have legal grounds to buts into the Ecuador Embassy by force and take Assange. When the Ecuadorians planned and prepared to protest at the UN, the biggest electrical blackout in Ecuador history took place as Obama made veiled threats and demonstrated the power of American technology.

Anyway, this is what Nancy & her husband figured out after reading all the above on the net over the last 12 hours. ::::: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/julian-assange-wikileaks-was-about-expose-...

Did you take the time to review this quasi-evidence?








The ONLY reason the U.S. government would keep Julian alive would be to torture him to give up his government leaker sources and-or his encryption keys. I don't think they could buy him, unless they took his family hostage or killed one of his relatives as a threat. Or maybe they already did that when one of his associates supposedly jumped in front of a train recently?

Btw... do you remember about 15 years ago an FBI Lab supervisor named Frederic Whitehurst blew the whistle on how the FBI faked hundreds of lab reports to convict over 1,000 innocent people? Well, read the book of a man named Kessler called THE SECRETS OF THE FBI. In this book Kessler documented, and the FBI finally admitted two things, (1) The FBI has NO EVIDENCE linking Bin Laden to 911 and (2) That the FBI could not match the fingerprints of the Bin Laden that was buried at Sea! Dr. Steve Pieczenik and nine retired CIA agents have all confirmed that Osama Bin Laden and Tim Osman were both CIA employees for many years going back to the days of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Oh yeah... Renditions are no big deal for the CIA. If you recall they used to do a few every week about 5 years ago, and didn't get busted until after they had already swiped and tortured 3 dozen people. Julian Assange was like shooting fish in a barrel for them. Here is the time line up and until I realized something very foul and sishy took place: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/public-warning-wikileaks-now-run-cia-techn...

The bottom line is that anything other than fingerprints and DNA can and has been faked many times BEFORE and NOW with again with Julian Assange. People are welcome to disagree, but then I would ask you to disprove the 30 reasons Anonymous puts forth that Julian was rendered in this amazing video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlpqYMpOOD0. Btw... the OP links sets the legal standards of positive identification used by the courts.

Now that you know the above, let me borrow from Scam.com ...

"Prior to the CIA rendition of the REAL Julian Assange on October 16th, 2016, Julian Assange made public proclamations as you can see here below and in the OP Link to expose the following bombshell leaks;

* Insurance Files of Anthony Wiener
* Treason of Hillary Clinton
* Crimes of Google
* Child Trafficking
* Dirt on Rupert Murdoch crimes
* Eric Braverman & The Clinton Foundation

All of the above were supposedly huge and enough to get Hillary Clinton and others indicted. He was, at the time just starting to expose Huma Abedin as a Saudi spy and was hinting that he had some or all of the 80,000 FBI documents that confirme what the New York POst had already reported... The Saudi government paid for the 911 attacks, which several retired CIA agents have already confirmed to be an inside job.
Since October 16th, 2016 however, there has been no mention of these "bombshell leaks" ever again by Julian Assange nor Wikileaks. Why? Here is your answer: http://www.geoworldnews.com/fears-gr...anamo-express/

Here is what is coming out NOW that the REAL Julian Assange had promised to disclose belore the election:

http://www.inquisitr.com/3676883/lat...n-as-a-result/ Just search George Webb, child trafficking, Haiti, video

Those who think a body double is laughable only need to read this here that shows how the CIA fooled over 3 billion people once before using an American named Tim Osman to become Osam Bin Laden to make some convincing fake videos: https://www.reddit.com/r/POLITIC/com...ting_my_valid/

Also remember that Edward Snowden, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, Alex Jones, and Jim Stone all REFUSE to confirm that the real Julian Assange is sitting in the Ecuador Embassy in London (They have been served gag orders). But Anonymous is not holding back as you can see here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqLZgWudtI4

And... prior to October 16th, 2016, the real Julian Assange insisted that all communitions from Wikileaks and himself must be signed with a PGP code key to be considered as genuine. Yet since October 16th, 2016, NONE of the communications from "Julian Assange" nor Wikileaks have been signed with their PG key!

One last question... Why do you think the government deleted this warning to whistleblowers that Wikileaks is compromised? https://www.opnlttr.co/letter/warmin...e-subs-are-all. GAME OVER!"

Want Still More Coincidences?



So now, what do YOU think?