Happy Birthday to my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco of Mississauga, Ontario from Appa (Message No. 15)

Subject: Happy Birthday to my Bestest Buddy Vince DiMarco of Mississauga, Ontario from Appa (Message No. 15)
From: The guy who always loves you the mostest!
Date: 19 Sep 2020

Happy Birthday Vince!

Today you are officially a man, and I know this day came a lot faster than either one of of thought it would, but it is here, and an ugly world is awaiting your best efforts to make it a better place. After raising you since birth, it was clear to me by the time you were 7 years-old, that you were no ordinary kid. You had no fear but plenty of curiosity and a sense of exploration and a deep desire to learn. You were always hungry for knowledge and I was always proud of you for these qualities. You reminded me so much of myself as a kid, but because I had such a strict father, I was more of rebel than you. And unlike you, I was never able to stay quite when things just weren't right. I was always hoping that you would be like me and not grow up with the passive silence of the Asian culture.

But today is a day we should both be down on the banks of the Credit River fishing together for salmon and catching up on lost time, exchanging stories of our lives while i was trapped overseas with an expired passport and without an honest U.S. State Department that refused to give me a new one. Your mom still refuses to tell me what is going on back in Canada, but I sense something bad or evil has happened and I think you are the only one who can tell me the truth buddy. There is nothing I want more than to reunite our family because you and Dylan deserve to have a father, and I need to spend time with your grandmother before she departs this world for a better one.

I am still South of the border since the Canadian government still has locked down the border. New York City is not a place I want to live and I have not seen it in such bad shape in my whole life. When I first saw this city as an 8 year-old kid I remember how it was so clean and modern that all the huge skyscrapers glistened in the sun and people from all over the world came here to see the World's Fair in Queens, and to see the world from the observation deck of the Empire State building. There was wealth everywhere, and people trusted their police and their government. Today the city is filthy, with growing poverty, and widespread anxiety and depression, made worse by this plandemic and protests that seem to come around every election year. The people now mistrust the police and the government even more.

Anyway, I am curious to know what you you and Dylan won this year at the CNE carnival games. You never once failed to win the biggest prize, and I hope your great luck rubbed off on Dylan. Vince please make sure you get the 3 letters I sent to you at your university (to the Registrar's office) since I am now certain you didn't get the letters I sent to our house.

Buddy the last time we spoke on the phone you told me that you wanted to be as strong like me. Now that you are of legal age it is a great time that you be strong and reach out to me and tell me if you are really happy, and what you really want. We all only have one life to live Vince, and you can't spend that life making other people happy at the expense of making yourself unsatisfied anxious, or insecure.

Vince, when I last spoke with your mom (when I attempted to finally come home for Christmas), I offered to to take care of all the family bills and take us all on a vacation but she just said some hurtful things and hung up the phone on me. And to be honest, I still do not know why she is so angry. If you take the time to read this buddy, you will see that I had no control over my travels after the government refused to renew by passport. https://opnlttr.com/serach/node/gorcyca. I tried to ship myself home inside a FEDEX crate, hid on Japanese freighter, and tried to buy a black market Vietnamese passport in Hanoi, but got caught on the first two schemes, and was robbed and beat-up in Vietnam. I did my best to find a way home Vince and lost over $50,000 trying.

In a way, when the FBI kidnapped me in 2019, they actually helped me get half way home. Now that all my phony charges were dismissed (twice) I am waiting for the government to return all the money, gold, and property they took from me when I was arrested, but my truly honest Judge who knew all about the political interference in my case and was the first to dismiss my charges (Judge Jack B. Weinstein) retired at age 90+ and the new replacement judge knows nothing about my case. I have been waiting since last November of 2019 for them to refund my money. Because the price of gold quadrupled, and with 20 years of interest, they now owe me almost $600,000 buddy. I need your bank account information to send you money to keep our family above water because of this pandemic BS. And to better understand why I say this, please spend some time reading https://ruqqus.com/+plandemic and what you find here on this law forum at this link... https://forum.legaljunkies.com/forum/forum-information/law-news/internat...

But I don't even know if you are interested in these subjects buddy. They are interesting to me only because I hate corruption and spent 30 years of my life trying to expose these slime-balls. But honestly, nothing is more important to me than our family and I need so badly to speak with you son. Since your mom won't give me your phone number can you please call me at 646-X34-5X17 (The first X is the last digit of your birth date and the second X is the first digit of your brother's birth date. Just text me and I'll call you right back.

I can only hope that mom told you the truth and if she didn't I sure will. You know that I never once lied to you about anything other than Santa Claus buddy. Anyway, today is YOUR day, and I hope it is a special and blessed day for you. I love you more than all the fish in the sea multiplied by all the stars in the heavens. I hope this photo brings back good memories for you. Can you send me some new ones? I hope and pray to see you when the border opens up. I have an unusual surprise for you. Please tell Dylan I still have his "electric rainbow" and brought it all the way home from China with me.