To the guy that I cat-fished

Subject: To the guy that I cat-fished
From: Val-V
Date: 21 Oct 2017

I didn't mean to hurt you nor play you dirty like that. I was foolish and took things far for my own benefit. I had a crush on you so I pretended to be someone else. Please dont take my stupidity for insecurity, I was juvenile and lost hope of us ever making up. Id say that our friendship was short-lived, I took it for granted. Looking back in the past, Some days I would acknowledge you and some days I would ignore you completely. Im sorry. Just so you know I never hated you, I felt out of your league, so thats why most of our encounters with one another was awkward AF. Anyways the person I impersonated as was quite the catch, so I see why you took interest. The things discussed in the chat was not my business, for I was given none of your consent. It was between Val and you, not you and some fraud. Yes I was the fraud, a.k.a the girl who ignores you when she comes your way. FYI I dragged my friends in this mess but I take full responsibility. You prob dont care anymore and have moved on from this, but truly I am sorry that I wasted your time with some fake account. Because of the dumb ass account you now have issues to trust another, which I understand. but please dont be hard on others, just observe and allow God to take things into his hands. Im pretty sure you know who I am since i act suspiciously weird every time I see you. The reason for not addressing my apology to you face to face is because im embarrassed. I have never done nothing like this before, so I kept my silence. If I had the courage, no doubt I would go up to you and handle it like a boss but for me it just not that easy, especially with my friends saying how its not necessary and to leave it alone. J (the guy I cat-fished first-name initial)Im sorry for what I did, it was selfish and a snake thing to do. I hope we can put this behind us.

- The fraud