Guns in Schools

Subject: Guns in Schools
From: Dez
Date: 5 Mar 2018

In the Crucible, there was a society dealing with mass hysteria due to these random and sudden acts of witchcraft. If you were different, didn’t follow religion, or didn’t follow the ways of others around you, you were labeled a witch and called to court. Most people who were called to court though were very much not witches, just simply misunderstood by their peers.
This describes our society perfectly right now. Due to many misunderstandings, we are not addressing an important issue and group of people in the best way possible. School shooters have been getting a lot of the spotlight in the news lately. Along with many other issues our country is torn, not knowing how to approach such a thing. Some people are quick to say we need gun control, some say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, and others believe that we should allow our educators to carry guns in schools. As much as I would love to feel that sense of security, I strongly believe guns don’t have a place in a school setting with children around everywhere.
Which is why I am urging everyone who reads this to consider the fact that it’s not only students right now that would be placed in a dangerous position with teachers carrying guns, but also your future kids. There’s no doubt that your kid will be going to school, so place yourself in parents’ shoes. How would you feel if you knew everywhere your child went in the school there was a teacher carrying a deadly weapon that could be used for any reason at any moment?
Much like this teacher from Georgia proved, it’s very easy to use a gun for the wrong reason. If I were a parent I’d be terrified that if my kid said one wrong thing, then the teacher would use the gun for the wrong reasons. Even as a student myself I’d be terrified and a school shouldn’t be a place someone is afraid to step foot in. It’s not about fighting violence with more violence, but instead finding a way to protect our schools more than we have in the past.
By believing that we need to give our teachers guns in order to stop such brutal acts of violence in schools, is exactly the type of hysteria that was seen in the Crucible. Woman blaming each other of indecent crimes just to not be labeled a witch is completely hysterical much like the idea of using more weapons to fight a problem that’s arisen because of weapons. The safety of our people and children is much more important than clinging to our need for guns, my goal is to help people realize this. I strongly urge gun supporters to reconsider the effects of educators carrying guns on school grounds.