To the GOP; an open Invitation

Subject: To the GOP; an open Invitation
From: Casey Parker
Date: 17 Jun 2021

If you are sincere in preaching the republican idea of faith, you will listen to me and do as much as I ask. Right now everything you are pushing makes it impossible for people to make themselves heard, especially as we know that election integrity does not do you that much good. Voicing love for freedom, but limit behavior you dislike. You say that you want free speech but not from any but your own people.

The people decided that they weren't interested in you. At this point you are merely an fanatical cult, as pointed out by your own members who pointed you out last year. And, as has been suggested, the answer is to burn the GOP to the ground and start over with a new group and renewed ideals.

Truth, a thing that is missing entirely from the Republican party of today, is in danger of going extinct. You punish those in your ranks who dissent, which constitutes the permissuirment of democracy. Unfortunately, you were lead astray so far as to be irreparably broken at a fundamental level. The party is already dead, but the members still talk to cultists while they walk to prisons. Somehow, you still pedal false narratives and you will have ruinous consequences that will befall you.

The letter wasn't written only to you but to everyone - in order to show what you have been instructed to do. You possibly have concerns and we will take these into account. Freedom, eradication of terrorism, and the economy are what you say can do well with. But you haven't.

The Issues:
Firstly, voting. All of the half-baked ideas you have come up with are insensitive at best and discrimination at worst. The USPS, which you have attempted to destroy, has a solution to secure and guarantee voting for all citizens using an open and secure answer and people are not talking about it. A blockchain, wherein all votes are recorded publically for all to "audit" if they want, with none having the ability to change it. You have the complete answer to your issue. But instead of truly caring about election integrity, you are only concerned with your own election prospects. And as Trump said, a Republican can't win with free and open elections, but only through trickery.

Let's look at the economy. Despite knowing full well that both the World Bank opinion and all science points to a Universal Basic Income for a solution, your people simply don't like the idea of people who aren't them having any kind of benefit or happiness. The effect of a basic income is opposite to what you have claimed. Businesses are given a universal customer base when people are able to switch jobs as they please. You are interested in keeping a lower class in existence for cheap labor while ignoring the financials, but it isn't even the economy you are concerned with.

You have a lot of things to say, freely, about the Freedom of Speech. Yet, You try to limit the freedom of others. The owner of a platform has the right to refuse or allow anything they want. You can make your own platforms by the same token. The problem is that a host is still involved, and you'll be at their mercy. A web host or platform doesn't like to be used in certain ways and has no obligations to you. You get banned because of this, it's only your fault. But because you're so attached to "traditional" ways, why do you not run into the streets with soapboxes and yell, as they used to?

You claim to be so concerned with Terrorism, and yet you use it directly yourselves. One can only watch a right-wing news source for twenty minutes to see how you keep people afraid of boogeymen and tell them you will save them. These boogeymen are usually You. Through your speeches and lies, you create fear to control it. Tell them you protect them, and they will not harm you.

Here's the invitation part. There is a place for a conservative party in the United States. The GOP has become regressive, racist, unfeeling, hyper-nationalist, anti-Semite, terrorist, misogynist, and Antichrist. Do you hold onto a name and a group so tightly that you will end up in hell? Almost every one of you says you are Christian, and yet you don't respect the bible at all. Leave the party on the ground, just Burn the Party down, It's all going to get you in trouble. Be sure to obey Cheney and remember where you're from. Imagine yourself as a new party and run from the Qanons. The Qanons have taken over yours, so create a new party and run your people against them.

"Wake up", to borrow a phrase from you. You cry "conspiracy", ignoring the Bible's directions, and you fall for the mechanics of a game gone amock. You deny what you have seen as you sabotage your own country. You do this in submission because you have to to do it in order to earn the admiration of others. You can find the repercussions of the Holocaust on our heads. Did the Nazis have the world domination they wanted? Do you wish what they received?

Create a new party. Decide a new charter, and filter out psychopathy. The GOP base is known to be 20% of the population. About ~55% of the conservative vote despite the way you all vote for one another despite all reasons to oppose. These numbers match very well with psychopathy. And that base will bring you down. Throughout history, these same conspiracy theories you believe in have been used Three times, and you are the fourth: you own that propaganda. Do you wish for a legacy of incredible stupidity? Or do you want to be remembered for the turning point that made the United States a shining beacon of hope in the early '20s?

A Warning:
Abandon that burning ship. Everyone on it is a pirate anyway. We can't afford to have a party that works with China's propaganda, and aides their psychological warfare against us. We want to resolve disagreements in a restrained manner that does not give rise to threats and challenges of state takeover or national power ceding to the paranoid extremists who plot rebellions and legislate paranoia in society. We cannot afford the GOP.