Good Conversation

Subject: Good Conversation
Date: 16 Aug 2018

I have a late night conversation with the pillow you gave me, he tells me about my dreams and I tell him about everything and especially you! I love late night conversations, late night walk and late night snacks. And for some reason everything is better at night, I don't know why, I just love it but I guess, it is because some of my loving family, dearest friends and foes have time for me, for some walk, for some snacks and for the best part of the night, good conversations. I guess everyone may agree that it saddens us if we don't have anyone to talk about how our day went, someone that we can talk to.

About last night, one of my dearest friend called me on the phone. We talked a lot and lasted for a long time and when we ended our convo, it just happened that this time My friend surprisingly is the first one who said Good Night to me, actually for some reason it means a lot for me. It felt so good knowing that it came from a friend that knows me well. This story may sound like it just simple actions but for me, its more than that, simple yet meaningful. To my friend, I hope that it wont sound you a little bit awkward or uncomfortable but this is just one of my important happenings in my life and I am sharing it to everyone because I am happy and being cared by someone like you.

One small positive actions can change the entire mood. Appreciating it, you can get the ball rolling and your day will be in full swing and ended with a good night sleep and when you woke up in the morning you will feel grateful and thankful for a sweet dreams and a beautiful morning.