Gone Are The Days

Subject: Gone Are The Days
From: J Rin
Date: 15 Jul 2020
a heartbroken bestfriend

Dear best friend,
It's much of a surprise to me as it is to you that I wrote you this letter.But you know what I can't take it anymore.Of all people who could harm me it hard to be you of all people who could take away my true love it hard to be you but I really want to know why.Wasn't it enough I stood by you in the toughest storms but your rampaging desire to revenge because you have been hurt by too many people has vengeance has blinded you.It has caused my affection for you to end but not my care even if the world fell at our feet I wouldn't stop caring for you but I can no longer love you you betrayed my trust seduced my lover for your own selfish ideals but now I have no choice but to drop the best friend act when it seems it's just me who is struggling in our relationship good bye my friend gone are the days of my worry for you but here are the days of my loathing for you.