Girls Lacrosse Coach

Subject: Girls Lacrosse Coach
From: Goalie
Date: 27 Feb 2016

Dear Coach,
Why do I have to wear a skirt when I play? Does it help you better point me out when seeing a guy lacrosse player? Does the fact that I am not wearing a helmet, or that I have my hair in a pony-tail not show a distinction?
I am going to bring up a feminist point, so beware; why do the girls need to wear a skirt? Girls soccer players don't wear skirts, so why should we? I cannot tell you how many times I have been made fun of for wearing a skirt while I'm running on a field. It's bad enough girls cannot check each other while boys can. The least you can do is let the girls wear shorts, I'm not asking that much. The skirts themselves are so short, they offer nothing to the uniform, except to hypersexualize us. We are participating in a sport, we deserve to wear what we want, and you ask any girls on any high school team, I guarantee they will say they would rather wear shorts. Skirts illegitimizes the sport, which is the opposite of what should be happening. In tennis, girls can decide if they want to wear skirts or not, in golf, girls decide what to wear. Why is girls lacrosse different? I thankfully am a goalie, so I don't wear a skirt, but I hear constantly how uncomfortable they are, and if one of my girls is distracted by the flowing skirt she was forced to wear, I will be infuriated. The skirts need to go, or I will.
Skirts are demeaning, not useful, and distracting. Get rid of them, or get rid of me.
Your goalie