To the girl who hates me

Subject: To the girl who hates me
Date: 16 Dec 2016

Sit back for one minute and ponder what issues really lie between us.

I have not ever done anything to you or been rude to you, though I am sure someone has implied otherwise. If you ever felt that I have slighted you in any way, I apologize.

How do I know things about you? I certainly do not know you.

How do you know things about me? You do not know me either.

I know that you have broken up with N multiple times. I know he suspects that you cheated on him with a guy you started dating right away after you broke up the last time. I know that guy was older than you, knew what his name was, and also knew that you say you ‘never cheated on N’. I know that you say you exchanged numbers while you and N were still together out at a bar, but that you didn’t act until you broke up. I also know that when you got back together with N, you placed partial blame for the issue on your cousin. She didn’t like N and she got in your head. Who could have told me all of this?

I know that when you and N broke up, your parents were mad. You left N without a bed, and your parents gave him a bed so he wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor. You also didn’t move back in with your parents because they were mad at you for leaving N the way that you did. How would I know this?

I know that you sent J a message on Facebook begging him to talk to N for you because he wouldn’t have sex with you. I know that issue eventually led to one of your break ups.

I know where you originally were going to get married. I know when you got married. I know where you got married. I know that you moved dates up and had to have deposits due to travel agents early. I know what/when the bachelorette/bachelor parties were. The list could go on and on, but I digress. I don’t WANT to know these things, but they were constantly told to me.

Think of how every time you got harassed/vandalized/whatever- Was it made to look like I was doing it? The same happened to me in reverse. I was told of the things happening at your house and I am sure you heard of things happening at mine.

We do not have a huge circle of mutual friends in common; literally there are two people, one couple. If you ever wondered why there was ‘a problem’ between the two of us, think about the things you were told about me and trust and believe the same amount or more was said about you to me.

I am not going to pretend I am some sort of saint, because I am not. When I was told some of the stories, I did laugh and make jokes. If something happened to my friends or me that pointed in your direction, I got downright pissed and I am positive that I reacted.

I know a lot about your life. Not trying to be offensive, but I don’t want to. I am sure you don’t really want to know about my life either. In separating myself from people I once considered friends, I feel as if my eyes have opened. I don’t want there to be a ‘problem’ between us. There is no reason for there to be. I am not saying we need to become friends, but we should not have animosity towards each other. For as much as we may think we know about each other, all of that is really just hearsay from questionable sources.