To The Girl Who Got The Lead

Subject: To The Girl Who Got The Lead
From: The Girl Who Didn't
Date: 29 Dec 2016

Dear You,

I feel that it is necessary to keep this anonymous, because if you do read this I don't want you to know it's actually about you. Congratulations, brava, maginifco, you got the lead. You must be estatic, and so very happy. I want to tell you that I am happy for you.

At the same time I resent you. The part you got was given to you by chance, you had one audition, and from what I heard, all you did was yell a bit. I can't say that you didn't do a fantastic job, because like I mentioned before I only heard the audition. Why do I resent you? Because of how you received the part after your audition. You gloated, flounced, even had the audacity to say that you DESERVED the part. That is a lie. You have worked hard, yes, but there are other girls that worked harder. Girls that will never get that taste of what you have now had twice in one acting season. There are girls that would have fallen to their knees because they finally had their chance to prove the worth they find difficult to prove to themselves. Girls that fell becuase they got put as your understudy, or as the part they hated most.

What can I say? That's show-bizz afterall, right?
This is how you will justify your actions. But I can tell you now that no one wants you as this part because you have done nothing to earn it. I'm not unhappy for you, and I do not doubt that you can do a phenomenal job with this role.

Now here is something to the girl who didn't get the part.
Breathe. Take a deep breath and let it go. It will be ok, it might not be right now, but it will. I understand, because right now I'm that girl.

I'm the girl stuck with the same part becuase I play it well. I'm the girl that got screwed over in her last high-school play. I am that girl that was too scared to compete agaisnt all of the other strong competetors because I didn't think I could ever be good enough. I am you, and you are me. I understand that feeling in your chest right now. I know the feeling of your heart racing right before the cast list comes out. I know the feeling of getting it ripped out of your chest because you got that part you didn't audition for, yet you still knew it was yours. I know.

And that's ok. I promise you that you can do this, no matter how much you hate it. No matter how much you want to go back and try harder, no matter what is going through your head. Or even how much you hate the girl who beat you out. Or the amount of lines, or lack thereof, that you have. You will do great. If I know anything about acting, it's that you won't get what you want. It isn't meant to be sunshine and rainbows, but it is meant to make you happy. Right now, you aren't happy. That will pass eventually, you hate the part, but you love the people. Trust me when I say this, don't give up. Don't let other people control who you are as an actress, or maybe even as an actor. Don't let a part define YOU, because you are a person portraying a character, not the other way around.

Remeber why you act. Remeber why you love being on that stage. Remeber why you cried when you knew that this was going to be the last time you ever got on that stage and performed. Remeber it all, because it is wonderful, and beautiful, and my word is it magical.

No matter if you're the girl (or guy) who got the lead, or who didn't, be kind. Be courteous. Be encouraging. Be caring, and most of all be loving.

Respectfully yours,
The Girl Who Didn't Get The Part