This is Getting to be Too Much

Subject: This is Getting to be Too Much
From: Average American
Date: 16 Dec 2016

Okay this is getting to be high school all over again.

The election is over.

Hillary may not have won the Electoral College but won the popular vote with the help of states with large populations.

Trump won the Electoral College but not the popular vote.

The United States is a Republic not a true Democracy because our forefathers thought a true democracy wouldn't represent all the people.

These are the facts.

We have two opposing opinions on how we should be governed and both sides are acting like teenagers that aren't getting their way. We now have adults who should be rational human beings calling those with a different view in life names and other insulting phrases. When did the United States revert back to high school?

Do any of you think it would be fair for California, Texas, New York and Florida to decide who should be in charge of the ENTIRE United States? Does that really sound fair to everyone?

Trump spoke to many Americans during this election and many times used the phrase, "What the hell do you have to lose?" Obviously this spoke to many citizens or else he wouldn't have won.

What do we have to lose?

Realistic unemployment in the United States is somewhere near 10 % +-. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed to the point many people will have to choose to stretch their medicine or not have healthcare so they can live somewhere other than a tent or shelter. First responders and civilians are being ambushed at an alarming rate. There has always been violence in the United States but it seems to me to be increasing drastically. NO ONE in the United States should be afraid to go outside their homes or in some cases to be in their homes and have to hide in a bathtub for protection.

Really are we so petty that we have forgotten the Golden Rule?

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Matthew 7:12.

For those of you with different religious beliefs if any, I apologize if that verse offends you. But really, don't you hate it when someone slams you for thinking differently from them?

I am an Average American and I approve this message.