Georgia senate 2022

Subject: Georgia senate 2022
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 24 Jul 2021

Let me say Herschel walker is running for the GOP in 2022 against Reverend Warnock what is his credentials besides being a former Uga star athlete NFL star player do he know anything about politics besides what he hear from Donald Trump & his allies nothing what Bills he would try and pass in the senate amount of Gatorade that Americans need to drink I remember Herschel was part owner of a restaurant famous 34 where I admit one recipe on the menu he had was the Herschel mama from his mother made famous of .the business didn't last long before it close the doors and I was out of a job bad management perhaps on Herschel 's part what mostly you think georgia residents that Herschel has it in him to be a senator that represent the citizens of Georgia? Plus what I heard just recently that he has a troubled past that involve mental problems and intimidation of his ex-wide threats ! Now georgia would you want somebody with poor character traits as well a fell business man just like Trump represent you? Herschel do yourself a favor stick what you know is sports try a football analyst just my view this is the same protential GOP candidate putting out these ridiculous 2020 conspiracy theories !