Georgia Secretary of State

Subject: Georgia Secretary of State
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 20 Aug 2021

The secretary state of georgia even said that the 2020 presidential in georgia was free & fair elections run by state board of elections including cyber security of the Trump administration Chris Krebbs concluded that the 2020 presidential elections was no foul play of voter fraud but, for some reason georgia Republicans legislators is putting voter restrictions in place like no water while waiting to removing drop boxes cutting voter registration no early voting on sundays and you secretary of state removing voters off the voter roll particular in minorities areas not to mention Georgia Republicans across the counties is taking over board of elections controlling votes counts all because of a biggest lie ever in this presidential elections in georgia by Donald Trump today is still calling voter fraud in Georgia where his campaign shows no proof of any wrong doings . It been three counts one by hand and it shows Biden won barely but, he won the state of georgia . Secretary of state is moving people off the voter rolls my advice to all you voter participants in georgia check your voter status to see you're been remove or on the inactive list! To the georgia Republicans as well (SOS) Georgia fu*k you