To the friend I thought was forever

Subject: To the friend I thought was forever
Date: 7 Jan 2017

My bestfriend, matter of fact, she was like a mom. My mom figure. The friend who would make you wrap your toe in two band aids instead of one, the friend who'd rush to you in an emergency, the friend who'd tell you your dress is too short, the friend who'd tell you not to get too close to that guy who is a player, the mom friend.

When you came into my life I was thrown off guard of how much you instantly cared for me, I opened up to you within a short amount of time, you knew my background, I let my walls down and you saw every broken piece, but never loved me less. And for what it's worth, this is everything I'd like to say for my own closure.

First, I'd like to thank you. Thank you for accepting my flaws, my past, who I was, and who I was trying to be. Thank you for telling me how it is, even when I sure as hell didn't want to hear it. Thank you for making me laugh with your goofiness, your mom talk, your insane laugh, your whacky dance moves, etc. Thank you for never letting be bust a move by myself, thank you for teaching me some dances, thank you for playing like kids at the park with me and sliding down the tube slide both at once, and crashing your head into mine and doing that laugh you do. Thank you for singing at the top of your lungs with me in your mom vehicles, thank you for always jamming out to our song and constantly repeating " if I was you, I'd wanna be me too " !!! Thank you for bonding with my family well, for being at family gatherings and not thinking it's weird when our nana called you a cougar. Thank you for being there when I really hit rock bottom and didn't think I was going to rise up to the surface again.

Second, I'd like to apologize. I apologize for any mistakes made on my part. I apologize for breaking a bond of trust I had with you. I apologize for hurting you and the friendship we had, for I shouldn't have and never meant to. I apologize for my decision, my choose, and my own mistake. I will take ownership for my own wrong doing. I was wrong, I am sorry.

Last but most certainly not least, the closure. I will love you and care about you always, regardless of any issues we've come across. Even though we are separated, I will still watch you walk across that stage and gladly take the diploma that you worked hard for and I will smile because you proved your dad wrong. I will wish you the best, I hope you take good care of that class ring that I yelled at you for paying so much money for. I hope you get as many dogs when you have your own house someday and I hope they are just like yours. I hope you become your dream career that you're pursuing and aiming for. I hope you stay with the one you love and I hope you get married one day and live happily with him because I know that's what you've always wanted. I hope your wedding is nothing less than perfect and I hope it's everything you've described to me as we've had the conversation about me watching you walk down the aisle and watch my "mahm" get married. I hope your home is beautiful like you wish it to be, I hope you raise your daughter to be everything you are because regardless of your upbringing and your dad missing out o you, you're going to do everything so much different and give your kids all you have to offer. I hope you reach for the stars and never settle for anything less than what you've dreamed of and deserved.

Thank you for being everything I needed in a friend.

sincerely, your old bestfriend,