freedom of choice in soccer

Subject: freedom of choice in soccer
Date: 3 May 2022

I have been in Soccer for 45 years and i can not believe what i have researched , and try and make a difference.
i have been wanting to give a choice for young players to play football and register as a bonified association outside of the FA , the proposed association has all the required formalities , Registered with GDPR Certified , Health and safety and Child protection accredited and and accredited to other qualification awarding bodies in the UK. I have contacted a very established sports awarding body who for nearly 20 yrs awarded coaching qualifications but due to this countries Football governing body , they have scrapped the qualifications due the football governing body doing their own qualifications which i totally understand but do you think that has taken away the choice of person that wish to be part of football outside the governing body ie freedom of choice which is a human right
It also takes away income that non league and grassroots desperately need to plan their own programs and sport educational studies within the non professional game.
I would like any constructive feedback , and what other people think and would people support my progress to establish a federation for Youth soccer UK
Many thanks for letting me speak and have the freedom of speech.