Fox news

Subject: Fox news
From: Eldorado walters
Date: 8 Dec 2017

It's obvious to me that fox news is trying to stop special prosecutor robert mueller 's investigation against the trump campaign for starters stating mueller & former fbi james comey are friends not to mention colleages pretending that mueller want be fair .second with this uranium deal claiming that hillary clinton supported the deal for donation to the clinton foundation which was pointing by shepard smith that it was nine member committee hillary Clinton wasn"t part of the committee the uranium deal was prove by the committee sign by the president. The next thing is the special agent of mueller "s team senting anti trump text messages stating that mueller breaking the rules isn"t doing his job fairly claiming his bias against trump isn"t true.mueller remove the special agent off the team .lies after lies with fox news everyday is just a bunch of lies of stopping the trump campaign investigation !