Former Senior NSA Analyst Jim Stone Insists Julian Assange of Wikileaks is NOT in Ecuadorean Embassy. Edward Snowden refuses to disagree!

Subject: Former Senior NSA Analyst Jim Stone Insists Julian Assange of Wikileaks is NOT in Ecuadorean Embassy. Edward Snowden refuses to disagree!
From: Nemsis of Government Censorship
Date: 19 Nov 2016

First open your mind and then your eyes as you read the following. First we start with the undisputed facts of what occurred in London during the last week of October, 2016...;

Rumors are swirling that Julian Assange has been captured and sent on a rendition flight to Charlotte, North Carolina aboard a United States military plane known as the Guantanamo Bay Express.

WikiLeaks announced that Julian Assange’s internet access had been cut by “a state actor” late Sunday night, prompting fears for his safety. A small crowd of supporters gathered outside the embassy in London in order to protect him by providing witness to any foul play.

People were on edge already because of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s presence in the UK at the time, and because of some cryptic tweets WikiLeaks sent out earlier in the day, rumored to be keys to a ‘dead man switch’ activated by Assange’s death or detention.

Among the crowd of supporters, a Periscope livestream was set up to broadcast from outside the embassy. The livestream was viewed by thousands of supporters around the world concerned for Assange’s safety in light of longstanding threats on his life and a recent statement by John Kerry threatening Ecuador with “grave consequences” if the WikiLeaks founder isn’t silenced soon.

But the Periscope live feed was suddenly cut without warning, and rumors began to spread that an “unnamed crew” entered the embassy during the outage.

As concerns for Assange’s safety continued to grow, a Redditor claimed that a U.S. Gulfstream jet, claimed to be N379P, had taken off from a military base outside London shortly after the outage in the Ecuadorian embassy.

When another Redditor pointed out N379P was the notorious rendition plane nicknamed the Guantanamo Bay Express, fears for Assange’s safety reached fever pitch.

Using FlightRadar the plane was tracked by Redditors as it made its way across the Atlantic towards the United States. There was speculation the plane was heading straight for Guantanamo Bay, however after an eight hour journey the military jet began descending towards Smithfield airbase, near Charlotte, North Carolina.

A screenshot from FlightRadar showing the journey of the plane with possible landing spots.

A screenshot from FlightRadar showing the in-flight journey of the mystery plane with possible landing spots highlighted.

Relief that the plane landed in the United States rather than Guantanamo Bay quickly faded when Assange supporters searched Google and discovered that Smithfield airbase is a notorious CIA rendition airport, a black site known to locals as “Smithfield’s dirty secret.“

NOW THEN... Let's move on to what Jim Stone, the Former Senior Intelligence Analyst from the NSA has to say, and what Edward Snowden refuses to deny...

Consider these facts, and then figure the odds of him being alive:

1. Wikileaks DNS Server was suddenly pointed elsewhere. That’s right, that night, in the wee hours of the morning after Pamela was there (to poison him) police in an armored vehicle showed up at the embassy, and THAT NIGHT the DNS server pointed to a different IP address for Wikileaks, and GOOGLE updated everything instantly, so the transfer was completely seamless from the real wikileaks server to the fake wikileaks server that was at a completely different IP address.

2. Mr Assange’s subsequent tweets were noticeably more hostile and attacked his most loyal supporters. I reported this repeatedly.

3. Mr Assange’s tweets regularly misspelled the names of some of his closest friends whom he has known for decades (Gavin McFadyen became McFayden for example). McFadyen,76, the director of Wikileaks, was found dead three days after Assange started having mystery problems. This is something I made a huge issue of here.

4.Streams of disinformation were spewed

5. Themes supported by Mr Assange for years were then knocked down or discredited by his subsequent tweets and communications. Very bad timing with that. Everyone with a brain noticed this, and it lit up the forums and blogs.

6. “Body double” rumors have been circulated and documented;

7. New strange hitherto unknown moderators of Wikileaks have suddenly been installed.

8. His “deadman switch” WAS ACTIVATED BEFORE THE ARMORED VEHICLE EVEN SHOWED UP AT THE EMBASSY, which means Assange probably manually triggered it after he figured out he was poisoned. Much of his stored data and secret website PINS were to be released in the event of his untimely death (I released both dead man switches here, one encrypted and one unencrypted)
All of this happened right after Pamela Anderson showed up with a lunch that was no doubt poisoned and the media talked all about how Assange was “pale” and “not feeling well” when she left and that he said the food Pamela brought him was “torture”. Good for a laugh in the inside circles to have this go out on the MSM no doubt.

MY TAKE: ASSANGE WAS POISONED, AND THEN REMOVED FROM THE EMBASSY IN AN ARMORED VEHICLE. This was clearly visible in a live feed someone set up that night because something was amiss, and I saw that and stayed up the entire night for it. That is why I so strongly stated that he can’t possibly still be at the embassy. Perhaps he got medical care to save him and is now being waterboarded.

If the new “wikileak releases” are real, they are NOT coming from the Wikileaks server, only a re-direct to a different server in the name of Wikileaks. The IP address change proves it, and we can only hope it is white hats doing it. It seems so, but one could only guess.

All of you are now saying... "But that is impossible, we heard his telephone call and saw his photo in the last two weeks."

No friends what you have seen is government deception and technology at work. You all know about photoshop software so we will not waste time on the photograph. As for the audio recordings of telephone calls and meetings... Without a high resoilution video to go along with these recordings they mean NOTHING. Why? Since 2010 the U.S. government has prefected voice duplication technology that could fool your own mother and I exposed this last year here:

So then, without VERIFIABLE proof of life (an actual visit by a credible team of investigative reporters and a CSI tech) what may now be found in the Ecuadorean embassy is a body double that the CIA had 4 years to find and a plastic surgeon 2 days to replicate Julian's face. I hereby call upon Glenn Grenwald and the ICIJ to personally visit "Julian Assange" in London at the Ecuadorean Embassy and photograph his ear lobes, and and take his fingerprints so we have a positive ID.

It may come a a shock to all of you that before Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea, the FBI agents on board were not able to identify the corpse as Bin Laden. This highly classified information was revealed in Ron Kessler's book "Scerets of the FBI" and 2 FBI DIrectors would not deny it.

So why then is Julian Assange such a big threat to American government? It goes far beyond Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. It nvolves the Saudis, Huma Abedin, and the cover up of the biggest government crime in history involving mass murder. In September of 2016, Julian promised to release proof that would lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton for treason. This is what he was talking about:

P.S. Former CIA Agent Robert David Steele,, The Intercept and New York Post, have all confirmed that the Saudi government funded the terrorism against American on 911, at the Khobar Towers in 1995, and at Benghazi. Former SEC investigator John Wheeler had proof that Cheney, Hugh Rodham and 21 other American officials profitted from 911 and other terrorist acts. Less than 2 months after he recorded a telpehone call with Hillary Clinton his body was found in a garbage dump still wearing $20,000 of gold jewelry.