Focus on the Future, America

Subject: Focus on the Future, America
From: E.E. Laine
Date: 4 Jul 2020

Philosopher George Santayana is oft quoted as saying, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

You'd do well to ponder this truth today if you've ever:
- Felt your race limits your opportunities, or
- Told yourself you aren't racist.

Racism has existed since the dawn of time, in every country around the world. Likewise for sexism. (Last I knew, there were no women memorialized on Mt. Rushmore...)

However, those of us living in America now (female, male, black, white, cyan, etc.) have the freedom and opportunity to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. Many of the 8+ billion people around the world will never know that freedom.

If you want to thrive in the 21st Century, try investing your time and energy helping someone facing bigger challenges than you.

While you're at it, thank a member of the U.S. military for risking life and limb to gain similar freedom for those in (most) other countries.