Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Subject: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
From: Francisco Cesar
Date: 7 Aug 2021

Dear Govenor DeSantis

We as parents try to keep our kids as safe as possible without trapping them in a bubble. We are constantly analyzing the risks and taking any measure to minimize them. We teach them how to ride a bicycle, looks booth ways before crossing the street, understand their limits in a playground, and so on.

I don’t believe you would allow your kids to take a perfectly avoidable action that had a one in 1,000 chance of putting them in a hospital. What if the chance was one in 10,000? Or one in 20,000? What is the breaking point? You get the idea.

Out of around 2 million kids under 18 living in Florida, three of them are yours.

Florida is hospitalizing approximately 36 children per day with COVID-19 and this number is going up. This means that each week that goes by, there is a one in 2,600 chance that one of your kids will be not just sick with COVID-19, but actually hospitalized from its symptoms.

Are you sure you want to keep playing politics with the lives of your children? Florida families are making these tough calculations every day in determining whether it’s safe to send their kids to school, and whether they should expect to keep their kids home a few weeks each month due to class quarantines.
It’s established fact that mask mandates make schools safer. Think about not only your family, but the challenges facing families across your state.
Francisco Cesar