federal government

Subject: federal government
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 17 Mar 2020

The federal government fail the american people whether anyone agree or not . This would been avoided if the Trump administration would have been on top of this coronavirus back in November or January but ,you have a person in the oval office annoy relible experts as informing him information about the virus was coming in needed to reacted on fast with the resources equipment etc to fight the virus.Trump was offer the tests but, he turn it down as well he dismantle tthe cdc task force as well in propose 2021 budget to cut the cdc that would help to test individuals that perhaps have the coronavirus!Trump didn't cause the coronavirus but, he responsible for disinformation basically lie to the american people on how serious this virus casuing over sixty lives not to mention restaurants banks libraries sports events closing for about a some about of times to August people losing their jobs not able to pay the rent put food on table . Kids who are families of low income not able to get lunch in which that's their only meals for the day! The best thing that Trump can do is let the experts explain the virus in what to do to keep safe &healthy!