Subject: Fear!Love!Hope?
From: Dorothy Drakes
Date: 21 Sep 2017

I live in a small town where the law has no laws to follow,where you have to have friends in order to be considered for anything,or you must be quit in order to be left alone. Why is it that no one is thinking about the people who has done the grunt work for hundreds of years before we were turned into the stuff of nightmares, lazy,uneducated,murdering drug user, and it was all done while we were begging for the same chance everyone else wanted and felt as if it was there right.The people in power ignored us and the people who made it possible for them to be who and what they wanted to be.You say the middle class is the foundation of America, you have forgotten middle class is the foreman the man who supervise the man that does the manual labor,we make it possible for you to be the top 1% we do the work that make it possible for food to get to the table $200,000 in the bank is not middle class,and $50,000 is not poor yet these are the only people who counts in this our great Nation.
As stated I live in a small town where the law has no law to follow; an attorney with no insurance can hit a young man and get off without a ticket or fine, the young man gets a rod in his leg,threats of being fired,doctor bills surgeries and fear of death because the police work with the attorney and the police lets the young man know we kill you nothing will be done.I live in a country where we talk about equal justice and apply it to everyone as long as they are light enough,even an illegal has more rights because as I said the people who did the work, can't get a job because they won't work,but when they go and apply for the job they are either over or under qualified.I want to live without fear and receive equal and fair treatment.