To The Father Who Forgot Me

Subject: To The Father Who Forgot Me
From: Your First Born
Date: 13 Mar 2017

My entire life has been made up of you popping in and out. Making promises you rarely ever kept. You were my Daddy, though. No matter what, I loved you. Last year we reconnected and it was great for a few months. Then it was back to normal. Rarely hearing from you. Unanswered phone calls and texts. Seeing you once every couple months.
I honestly believed this time you just decided the drugs were more important than your daughter. Tonight I found out you haven't even really been doing the drugs. Now THAT makes me feel even more angry. You are CHOOSING to ignore me. I'm moving out of state and you still don't care. I've made enough excuses for you in my life. I truly hope you enjoy your life without your kids in it. With your bitch of a girlfriend that YOU can't even stand. Good luck with everything "Dad"....I'm don't wasting my time fighting for something that obviously isn't important to you.
I pray that one day you'll see your mistakes. One day you'll want to connect. When/IF that day comes, you have my number.
I'll always love you and be your little girl. But it's time for me to stop having that little girl mindset and to continue living my life as if you don't exist for the time being.
To forget you like you've forgotten me.


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