To the father who chose his pride and his dog over his last kid

Subject: To the father who chose his pride and his dog over his last kid
From: Dissapointed and heartbroken daughter
Date: 13 Feb 2018

This is coming from the heartbroken girl you "raised". You chose a dog over me dad, I am now mentally, emotionally and physically scared by your dog, which you had no business in having, he's aggressive, and I'm not to blame for it, no matter how many times you drill it into my head. You always tell me to take responsibility for my actions, but your hypocrisy is not for me. I never beat the dog, never wrestled the dog and made it attack, I never made it so he couldn't walk dad. I think the dog represents me in a way. But he hurt me, and it's still my fault I guess. As my mother and I stay with my grandparents I lie awake in bed every night thinking how you never loved me and never will, you aren't my dad, you're the man who convinced me. You help my mother by emotionally abusing her, which causes her to drink so she doesn't have to feel the way she does, you never will take responsibility for that either, you have a problem with it, dear old dad? Then fix yourself. She slaves away while you play farmer boy then come home and complain about how you ache, you dug your hole daddy, time to lay in it. I want to die, not be apart of this family, you've screwed up me and my siblings all in some significant way, the oldest, doesn't want kids because he doesn't want to be like you, the second oldest is so like you it's uncanny, but she has her breaking points, but she loves her kids, and the third kid can't convey emotions well, he was always daddy's little soilder, not anymore, then there is me, emotionally unstable, always sad and anxious, a timebomb waiting to explode, you made us to be like this, that's the only way you "raised" us. You chose your pride and the never say yes attached over your wife and kids, I hope you and your choices have a long life, because it'll be lonely. I'm not coming back, I can't come back to my home with my bed and my pets, because then you'll win, I will not come back until you admit you are wrong and that you are sorry, and you start to fix the broken bath in which you've destroyed, with bad decisions and judgements. I want you to say sorry to mom, to make her feel so small, to the oldest for ruining his chances at kids, to the second oldest for her emotional imbalance and rough childhood, for the third, to not let him be a happy teen at home, to me for making me feel like I'm nothing, if you truly loved me and mom and us, youd fix this.

I will not come home until you fix our shattered family.

XOXO your heartbroken and damaged daughter