Subject: Father
From: Ayushy Jain
Date: 26 May 2017

There is this person standing far away from you. A person to whom your happiness matters the most. Someone who gives you everything you need in life and much more than that. You can never thank him enough.
Yes Papa, You, I wanted to thank you. I've had a list of things and actions I'd like to thank for. Apparently, word limit and emotions hold me back. Papa, you're so strong. You've always been an inspiration. I can bear anything and everything but I can't see you fall. You are the only selfless person I've ever known in my life. You've worked for around 27 years. I bet you've had your ups and downs. My mind just wonders at one thing about what can break you down?
Papa, I still remember the day I broke down. Everything around seemed useless, I didn't want to continue anything at all, I wanted things to start over. But then you were the one to hold me. You supported me when no one was even ready to look at me. You were the pillar. You gave me this advice. "If you want things to start over, end the previous things first. PS: This doesn't apply for life." We burst out laughing over this.
Papa, just remember one thing, I might be young, not enough mature , but your daughter is capable enough to take care of you. Yes, not financially yet but emotionally.
Papa, I am not sure whether you have the best daughter in this world or not but I'm very sure that I've the best dad in this world.
Papa, you have mom, me, sid. We're there. The best part is we'll be there, no matter what. Maybe, you taught us some lessons on how to love selflessly.
Thank you Papa.
With love,
Your daughter.