The Election and the UK's Future

Subject: The Election and the UK's Future
From: Jayne
Date: 10 Dec 2019

Dear UK Voters,

Sorry this letter is late, life has been turbulent for a British Citizen in Europe because European countries haven't known how to help resident UK citizens when Brexit has been unclear. This letter is for everyone in the UK, those who think for themselves, those who struggle with the maze of agendas and realities, and those who believe the BBC, the Guardian and Daily Mail.

Have things gone well for the general population and the poorer people of the UK under the Conservative Government? My experience is that things haven't gone well. From serious medical negligences from a struggling NHS to terrible treatment by authorities. I left the UK, among various reasons, to get proper medical help after serious NHS failings left me severely disabled and without adequate treatment.

The original Brexit referendum results were influenced by Boris Johnson's misleading promises. Boris Johnson has continued to mislead people, and to contradict himself and to behave badly towards vulnerable groups since the referendum, and yet he hasn't been properly held to account. The press pute a huge focus on attacking Jeremy Corbyn, whose supposed antisemitism seems unevidenced and more of a massive smear campaign where public figures such as the disgraced archbishop abused his position to do a PR stunt of interfering in the election, and yet the dreadful reality of Boris Johnson's dishonesty and focus on his own agenda seem to be only partially covered, and the rich of the country seem able to vote him back in, to see the UK ruined by Brexit while those of us who have left the UK for a better quality of life will also be left struggling.

Boris Johnson has spent time having affairs, and yet he has also made inane comments about single mothers, and hasn't been able to answer when asked how many children he has. Presumably the legal consequences of saying none would come back and hit him. How can the UK benefit from a man who behaves like this? How will he be any more honest with country than he has been with his relationships? And he hasn't been honest with the country, and trying to counter that by arranging smears against the labour party through wealthy and high profile figures, some of whom behave as dishonestly as himself, doesn't make his unsuitability as Prime Minister go away.

Boris Johnson was taken to court over his Brexit dishonesty, and only got let off on a technicality, and Brexit is about his agenda and not the good of the UK, there is nothing to indicate that Brexit will benefit the UK, how will it make the UK 'free' when the replacement for the EU will be a terrible Prime Minister and government who cannot be trusted and have no clear agenda to improve the collapsing NHS and other authorities and social services which have deteriorated steadily under the conservatives?

So what do the Conservatives care about, what will they address? They have no interest in environmental issues, which are a real and evidenced issue, no interest in the poor and the working people, they are happy to help the rich if the rich help them, but we shouldn't be in a position where the wealthy can swing the election. So why are we looking at ending up with a government whose only concerns are Brexit and the wealthy, sweeping the UK and its people to waste?

I have seen hysteria about anstisemitism threatening and possibly biasing the election against the Labour Party and I am saddened that Jeremy Corbyn has been at a loss to answer this well, while the press and media have taken full advantage of it. I have even seen Jewish press and media hysterically saying that they will 'Thank Britain' by voting against Labour, and even claiming that 'Jews will be in danger' if Labour wins. This toxic hysteria has been answered by me and by others, but it hasn't stopped it.

Let me explain. I am Jewish, by both parents as well as being a British Citizen, and I was raised speaking Hebrew and observing Jewish feasts. And as I have told you, I have been forced out of the UK by the conservative government and their failed systems. I am horrified that Jewish people are being misled and forced into fear, and with no evidence, no grounds, when under a conservative government and Brexit, surely the Jewish people of the UK will be marginalised along with other minority groups, because too many people wanted Brexit in order to stop immigration, to stop minorities settling in the UK, to 'Make Britain British Again'.

The disgraced Archbishop of Canterbury has meddled in many matters that are none of his business because he craves limelight so much that it has got to a point where his collapsing church is no longer relevant to him in his search for stardom and press attention. His interventions in the election and his effort against the Labour Party look like a bankrolled agreement by rich men, while the Chief Rabbi's actions were purely and irresponsibly spreading fear to intervene in the election, it was all done at once in a big effort to sabotage the Labour party, and still the Chief Rabbi and all Jewish press and mainstream media who I have contacted have been unable to give me evidence of antisemitism by the Labour Party or Jeremy Corbyn. So that matter appears to have been an illegal smear campaign to influence and election, and by the very people who should be setting a better example. The racism and general poor treatment of all minority and vulnerable groups by the Conservatives doesn't get as much coverage as the unevidenced antisemitism in Labour, so what government will minority groups really suffer under?

The archbishop, by the way, is responsible for, but not being held account for, some very grave misconducts, but no one stands up to the church and their pretences of care and inclusion and their PR stunts that try to make every minority group that their elitist organisation despises into their best friends and the church of england are not regulated and have a lot of totally undeserved influence in government, judiciary and authorities, they even influence the charity commission and other organisations which should be regulating them, and how is this continuing, at the expense of the wellbeing of victims of church abuse? By agreement with the conservative government, who have protected the church of england and their interests for a long time.
The church who have dwindling congregations of older middle class people who are under pressure to pay for church repairs, while at the top, totally separated from the churches, the senior leaders are living like kings, influencing government, getting millions and palaces and undeserved honours, their press releases to advertise the church are never questioned, nor their interference in politics and current affairs, despite thousands of rapes of children by priests and church staff. And when will we hear the archbishop throwing a tantrum about this, when his church are so much more damaging than the Labour party? Believe me, as a victim who his cover-ups have harmed, his pretences of apology and care are just pretences.

Now this isn't a pro-labour party letter, this is a letter raising a voice with others who are concerned that a terrible situation is going to continue if the conservatives get back into power. Not everyone wants to vote labour, Jeremy Corbyn has been made vastly unpopular by press smears, but there are other parties, how about the Liberal Democrats, who have repented or some of their sins, not all, one of their MPs was involved in the cover-up of abuse I suffered in the church of england(as was the current archbishop), and I know others have also suffered this, but, the Liberal Democrats are willing to make an effort with the environment and other issues, they do have a courageous but noisy leader, they do want to save the UK from Brexit or give people a chance to re-assess their vote for Brexit without the veil of Boris Johnson's lies.

And there are other parties, so don't be afraid to help to remove the Conservative government and give the UK a chance to recover, change and move forward. Make your vote count, especially against the dodgy dealings and huge money exchanges that appear to be going on to keep the conservatives in power and force Brexit to go ahead.

I am here, waiting for the impact of the election, with nothing much I myself can do except pray, and write this letter to you, and hope that even if it only reaches a few people, it might change a few votes. Boris Johnson won't become an angel and start caring about you after the election, all he will do is what he does best, dishonesty, forgetting any promise he may have made and going with exactly what he wants to do.

Why would anyone believe pledges about more nurses or police officers when there is no way that they can or will be fulfilled and no effort has been made by the conservatives so far? Do you expect magic from a man who lies so much that he contradicts himself? Do you want the UK to go on getting harsher? Jeremy Cobyn may be getting things wrong, but he isn't completely callous and self-centred, remember when he refused to get involved when David Cameron was apparently involved with a pig?

I don't want to be cut off from the UK by Brexit, nor be forced to have to come back if Brexit makes it impossible for expats to stay in European countries. I care very much about the UK and left out of necessity and not dislike. I miss home, but I have to stay here, so please, for me, and for all the poor, the vulnerable and the minorities, give us a Christmas present of a fresh start and new hope and relief from seeing and hearing Boris Johnson and his callousness.