Don Jr. Trump

Subject: Don Jr. Trump
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 10 Nov 2019

Let me tell you something you smart ass self centered spoil rich kid that never earn your money by working with your hands inheritance trustfund punk mutha F**** your father didn't turn around the economy let along when it comes to african americans today still blacks unemployment is higher than whites hispanics.Trump hasn't done anything for blacks took away aid for education no job training good quality jobs etc F Trump &F you junior Trump with the nonsense! On the view with your girlfriend/mama promoting your book full of sh*t of lies "triggered" perhaps a farce of a administration run by Donald Trumpwith his farce of accomplishments being in the whitehouse for the last two-half years in office perhaps a whole lot nonsense that people trying to stop you &your friends from free speech etc F you Trump junior and your lies of a book .like father trying to make a buck off father expense while trump in office as you &your brother making money from your business deals around the world putting back into Trump's pocket who hasn't remove himself from his businesses! F all of you Trumps! let me add this you piece of sh*t you and your entire family has never sacrifice anything your father skip serving the usa do to no courage poor excuse bone spurs a wuss! and you didn't serve your country because like father like son no courage or guts just a wuss a thanks to the men & woman that serve this country. you serve nothing junior but ripping people off as well your father ripping people dirtbags!