The Democrats &Daca

Subject: The Democrats &Daca
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 12 Oct 2017

The daca young adults should be kept in the usa do no fault of their own their are good people that be here acheive their goal of freedom live happiness this is the only home that these young daca know.I hope you're do whatever you can on your part to keep the young daca adults in american but, you should.not give to the republicans house freedom caucas as well conservatives about building a border wall on the Mexico border line.The daca young adults should live in america ,but you should not give in to Donald Trump &republicans house freedom caucas for a border wall their have to be some other compromise to keep the young adults in american have taxpayers middle& low class families shouldn't be paying a wall it's enough that donald trump & his family spend lots of money of traveling playing golf .donals trump spend more time playing golf than obama did when president obama was in the whitehouse as president of the United States